Thursday, January 6, 2011


Soo I started doing "preschool" with little monster and off track school with big monster. We are working our way up to hopefully a 3 hour class, which include activities and outside time. right now its strictly book work. So here is what the mosters are learning.
Little Monster.
Color of the day :Red , he colored a page red and was really picky that it had to be red red not to pinkish red because the "color is red, not pink". traced the word red and drew a picture of something that was red. his drawing a red plastic cup.
Number of the day: 0, he colored all the fish with zero spots, traced the word zero and wrote 0 on his page. He really liked the number 0. he drew it very well
Shape of the day: circle, which include 2 pages of tracing and drawing circles, and then drawing a snowman which he loved.
letter of the day: B, he had one workbook page writing and tracing the letter b, he has the sound down really good still working on the reconize of the letter he always just wants to say the sound.

Big Monster:
we mainly do review of kindergarten work with him so he doesnt go back on track forgetting everything. he did the letter S two worksheets, filling in the missing number worksheet, color by numbers, beginning sounds worksheets 3 of them, which he did very well. and he is working on adding sums up to 6. I was pleasantly surprised to see him do so well on that worksheet. I think he really enjoys math.

Tomorrow I believe will be Big Monsters last day of off track and then he goes back to school. So we will do one more day of review and then off to school :)
Little monster, we will continue to do the letter of the day, shape, color, and number. along with craft time, and outdoor play. and maybe start with days of the week.

any other suggestions would help. for sure. :) if you know any free websites with printables. that would be more than awesome.

I really enjoy doing "school" with them.. makes me feel usefull when right now I really dont.

On other news I watch maddie and nala today... what a fun pair they are :)

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