Thursday, December 23, 2010

Toys are bought where are the elves to wrap it??

Yesterday the boy and I finished all of our christmas shopping and within budget. which is important when your jobless. We even managed to get a few extra trinkets for the monsters, monkies and princesses. Although I wish I had the money to get the them all those big ticket items..  but I managed to get them some cute things. Michaels had the best deals, we had to take Maddies gift back to walmart since that little princess has everything and already had the gift. So we got our money back and looked at walmart but I wanted to get her something she would really enjoy. So we headed off to michaels and bought you three craft items for the price of the one toy from walmart :) This kid is going to be crafty. I am really excited in what I bought her. Best part all three items were on clearance what should have cost me at least 40 plus dollars cost me half that including tax.
We even got the monsters one more toy each. I feel really good about the gift I got. Now I am just wondering where the elfs are to wrap all the gifts.... wait what??? no elves??? ugh good thing brandon is coming over to help. being as how our Christmas starts tomorrow at noon.
Also today the monsters, the bestie, possibly the boy, hopefully maddie and I will be making my moms sugar cookies... by my moms I mean her recipe of course.  Then Brandon and I are going to go to look at christmas lights in Rancho. Maybe even bring Maddie along. Then tomorrow we start our christmas with my dad, jan and the whole gang.  So Merry Christmas Eve's Eve.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

tis the season

The countdown has begun... christmas is official less then a week away. And i dont think I am anywhere near done christmas shopping. not that i really have the money to get everyone everything I want to get them for christmas. Well this last week as been full of editing of course, I finally got done with our christmas cards. The last of them should be mailed out on monday. I did get  everything I needed to get done to go to disneyland on wednesday. That raised my spirits a bit. anyway hope you all have a great christmas just in case i dont blog until then... but who knows.
{yep its feet again... I love this new look}

anyways have a great day.. i must get back to editing.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

christmas cards out the wazoooo

whew.. i think i can say i am official done making christmas cards.. i finished the last of the choices and email them to a client. (hopefully no changes will need to be made). I got my cards in today so that was exciting. now to write a little note for each person.. make it a little more personable. hope that touches someones heart. i am trying really really hard to be in a holiday mood.. but its hard. i am sorely dissapointed in myself for that.. but i guess right now its just really hard. it seems as though christmas is still far away but its only next week or something. the last two christmases i have been very buh hum bugie. i used to love christmas now it seems to just disapoint. which makes me sad. i did however watch a few christmas movies while editing. dont get me wrong i am no scrooge.. i just a little sad over this holiday. all i want for christmas is a job. is that too much to ask for??? ok enough wallowing.
i watch DJ today he was such a good boy. we had a good time. he basically just sat by me and did his "homework" while i worked on pictures man that kid is smart. learning to write letters at three. he gets soo excited to write it right. a big huge grin comes across his face. love moments like that.
tomorrow i am hoping to get even more in the spirit of christmas by going to the happiest place on earth to reward myself for finishing all my projects on time (even early actually). I really want to see its a small world all done up and the raindeer and the snow. i am trying to convice myself that christmas isnt about gifts and that my neice and nephew will be happy no matter what but i really just want to hand them the world. isnt that what aunties are for???
ok enough about poor ol me. want see a picture????
{me and my love... one of my favs then again i had 30 favs... see what ones i choose for my cards when you get my card :) I really like the way my cards turned out thank you Dorothy for taking our pictures}

well just in case you were wondering its 11 almost 10 days until christmas. so merry christmas fellow bloggers.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

ahhh its too close to christmas

So at one point i was very excited for christmas and all the fun it brings. now I am just sad I cant spoil my two little monsters and my niece. I really just want to buy them what they want.. or what i want them to want. but being jobless and as of right now no potentional job openings i cant do that. *sigh* luckily i started christmas shoppping early and got some stuff for them.

{the monsters decorating the tree}

I am however greatful for my amazing clients who have continued to book appointments and give me a little cash.. to get through :) that being said i am up to my eyeballs in christmas edits to do.  that being said... i must get back to them. exspecially if people want them before christmas :)
{the trees on euclid and walnut.. gone but not forgotten}

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sneaky Peeky

This will have to be a super duper quick post.. I need to get ready for my sisters party (which I am already late for)....
Today I got to take my sister's family pictures. Which makes me happy because I love my niece and photography my niece. Here is a super quick picture which I call my magizine add photo :)

{Magizine Photo status }

Ok there is my sneak peek. First official family photo. :) anyway gotta run

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Little Monster's Crush

So I took a little break yesterday from all the editing and job hunting to go to disneyland. For good reason folks, to take mine and the boy's xmas picture. Our photos were taken by the incredably talented Dorothy. We decided to stay for a little while after the pictures were done. We kept little Monster with us. We made it to a few rides (quite a few) in four hours. We did space mountain, buzz light year, tarzan, saw tink, had lunch, saw santa, toy story mania, and the little mermaid merry go round. Longest line of course Mania. Monster was super excited to see Tink(more excited to see her then Santa). He kept asking to see tink. So we waited in line, saw Sparkle first. then when he knew it was time for Tink, he got all excited and ansy to see her. Talking about is it time yet, and everything he wanted to tell her. Then when it was his turn, he became all shy, walking behind the mushroom. Tink was great, started talking to him. Got him to pose really cute. Then she ask for a kiss, Monster got a little smirk on his face look at me, I told him go ahead. Then he kissed her on the cheek, gave her a hug and ran back to me. I think the rest of the day he was on cloud nine, he kept asking to see the picture and then he would blush. It remined me of the Peter Pan song, Why the red mans red. I think I can safely say Monster has a crush on tinkerbell. I was just super excited that Tinkerbell was soo great and really made our trip.

{Monster with Sparkle}

{Tink and Monster Talking}

{Such a special moment, Kudos to a great Tinkerbell}

{His little Crush}

{I look at this picture and think Gentlemen prefer blondes at least he does pretty much only posed with Sparkle to get to Tinkerbell}

{THE BIG MOMENT... this picture melts my heart and Disney should use it on their website or at the Park}

So that was our trip to Disneyland. Dont worry folks I got a few edits done too. Made people happy, I think. And now today back to the grind of editing, and card making.