Thursday, December 2, 2010

Little Monster's Crush

So I took a little break yesterday from all the editing and job hunting to go to disneyland. For good reason folks, to take mine and the boy's xmas picture. Our photos were taken by the incredably talented Dorothy. We decided to stay for a little while after the pictures were done. We kept little Monster with us. We made it to a few rides (quite a few) in four hours. We did space mountain, buzz light year, tarzan, saw tink, had lunch, saw santa, toy story mania, and the little mermaid merry go round. Longest line of course Mania. Monster was super excited to see Tink(more excited to see her then Santa). He kept asking to see tink. So we waited in line, saw Sparkle first. then when he knew it was time for Tink, he got all excited and ansy to see her. Talking about is it time yet, and everything he wanted to tell her. Then when it was his turn, he became all shy, walking behind the mushroom. Tink was great, started talking to him. Got him to pose really cute. Then she ask for a kiss, Monster got a little smirk on his face look at me, I told him go ahead. Then he kissed her on the cheek, gave her a hug and ran back to me. I think the rest of the day he was on cloud nine, he kept asking to see the picture and then he would blush. It remined me of the Peter Pan song, Why the red mans red. I think I can safely say Monster has a crush on tinkerbell. I was just super excited that Tinkerbell was soo great and really made our trip.

{Monster with Sparkle}

{Tink and Monster Talking}

{Such a special moment, Kudos to a great Tinkerbell}

{His little Crush}

{I look at this picture and think Gentlemen prefer blondes at least he does pretty much only posed with Sparkle to get to Tinkerbell}

{THE BIG MOMENT... this picture melts my heart and Disney should use it on their website or at the Park}

So that was our trip to Disneyland. Dont worry folks I got a few edits done too. Made people happy, I think. And now today back to the grind of editing, and card making.

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  1. this is too cute! Bring it out when he starts dating!