Friday, April 27, 2012


Today I drove by Ramona Jr High school, and a flood of memories came back to me. This is the school Brien attended before he passed.
Today, I saw a kids walking to class, backpacks strapped on, some bright-eyed and bushy tailed, some boys play fighting, girls gossiping, while other kids had their heads hung low, eyes to the ground. Then this one boy stood out from the crowd of kids walking in line, this boy was walking backwards, laughing, joking with a few kids, then he moved on to the next group of teenagers, laughed, joked, moved on. All the way up the line, those kids with heads hung low, raised their heads if even for a moment to laugh and smile at this angel of a boy. This boy didn't have an enemy in sight, class, group, age, color, or moods would keep this boy from talking to you it seemed, everyone was his friend. I could just imagine that all these kids thought this boy was their best friend, part of their group, their personal angel, the one that came to brighten their day. This boy had something special and I pray to God he doesn't loose it. I pray that it becomes who he is and how he is remember years from now by everyone he encounters.

This boy reminds me so dearly of my brother Brien, who was just in 8th grade 11 years ago. He was also everyone friend, he brighted everyone's day.

I don't know who this boy is, I only saw a glimpse of him. I only saw him the the length of a red light but this boy made my day. He brought me back to 11 years ago with my brother. He doesn't even know this but he touch the life of someone he will probably never meet, simply because his bright personality shown greater then the rest of the crowd. Thank you, Boy, for being different, for being you, when so many others want to be someone else. Thank you for being someone sunshine in the midst of their storm.