Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 12: Spolight - Annie

This post that your reading here is written by my cousin Annie. Brien was 7 months older then Annie. We all, being my family and her family, used to go to church together and hang out a lot together. And now without further ado Annie:

I remember always playing flag football in the front of your house and basketball. and we would play football with everyone when we went to papa stonys & nana tantos for the holidays. brien loved sports. any kind. football. basketball. hockey. any sport. it was his passion. or just sitting and playing video games although i think i was the one who got the least amount of turns. haha probably cause i suck at video games. i remember us all doing church plays together. when we went to ICC and i was a sheep. i looked like a huge cotton ball lol. i felt like brien was my best friend growing up. i wasnt very girly. i was more of the "tom boy" lol so i fit in with playing "boy" games with brien and kurt. we always had fun no matter what we did. i wasnt pushed away for being a girl and not being able to keep up. we were close growing up, only a couple months apart. i miss him SO much and my life has not been the same since that day at school i was told the news. i wish i could have had the chance to know him now. the man he would have grown up to be. i wish he would have gotten to meet chloe. although i know he is looking down on me and her. i know she will be safe with him as he guardian angel. i love you brien and i cant wait to see you again and for you to meet chloe. keep watching over us and keeping us all safe. you have so many people who love you and miss you dont ever forget that!

These next pictures are also from Annie

{Cousins and Nana Tonto's and Papa Stony's house, from left to right; Sarah, Kake, Brien, Annie, Kurt, Kyle and Aimee}

{Annie's Birthday; Annie is on the left side of the table 2nd from end,
Brien is in the white shirt nexxt to Annie}

{The kids singing at Church, front row, two boys matching are Kurt(closest to left)
and Brien, then right next to Brien in black dress is Annie}

{More church singing, Brien is in front with his hands in his mouth. Annie first row in white dress}

{Most likely Easter at church; Annie is the girl in the middle white bonnet and gloves,
Brien is the boy to the right in blue shirt}

{Yes you saw this yesterday but the picture actually came from Annie,
Sarah is up front, Brien in the white and red shirt}

Thank you Annie for the pictures and all your great memories. If you have memories and pictures you would like to share of Brien, please feel free to email them to me at

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 11: My sweet Sixteen

Remember when you turn the grand age of sixteen?? I would have to say that my 16th birthday was by far the greatest party ever. And even though it was my party Brien was definatly the life of it. He was on my team for the polaird scavanger hunt and boy was that fun. We played an egg tossing game, Brien kept making all sorts of funny comments. The best part about my party was when my friends decided that Brien needed to be put into a trash can, upside down. Oh boy that was funny. It was nice to have all my neighbourhood friends and school friends all in the same place. The only person that was missing was Curtis. But none the less it was a great party. Here are the pictures to prove it :)
{Brien upside down in the trash can, pictured from left to right, cousin Annie, Daniel, the infamous Mike Damico, Katie Nelson, sister Stacey, sister Kake, and brother Aaron

{Part of the poloroid game, picture with stop sign, Brien is in red sleeved shirt, pictured left to right, cousin Annie(in overalls), Daniel, Mike(yes he is licking the pole), sister Stacey(in tank top), cousin Sarah(blue shirt), sister Kake(arm around Brien) and me(arms folded in center)}

{Polariod game make the letter "A", Brien make the cross in the "A", Left to right, Daniel, Amy, Stacey, Sarah, Mike, and me}

{Polaroid game, picture with a fireheidrent, Brien is on Left leaning in, behind him Daniel, Stacey, Kake, Amy, Mike, on the right Annie and Sarah}

{Brien being his goofy self}

{Egg toss, Brien is behind Sarah. Looks like they both dropped their eggs}

I wish I could find more pictures from my party.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 10: Forever Young

So have you heard the remake of "Forever Young", I believe the remake is done my Jay-Z. Although its not as good as the orginal, hardly even close, it still brings me to tears. The orginal song by Rod Stewart was played at my brothers furneral as well as Katie and Curtis'. Talking about it now even makes me want to break down.

"Forever Young" by Rod Stewart

May the good Lord be with you
Down every road you roam
And may sunshine and happiness
surround you when you're far from home
And may you grow to be proud
Dignified and true
And do unto others
As you'd have done to you
Be courageous and be brave
And in my heart you'll always stay
Forever Young, Forever Young
Forever Young, Forever Young

May good fortune be with you
May your guiding light be strong
Build a stairway to heaven
with a prince or a vagabond

And may you never love in vain
and in my heart you will remain
Forever Young, Forever Young
Forever Young, Forever Young
Forever Young
Forever Young

And when you finally fly away
I'll be hoping that I served you well
For all the wisdom of a lifetime
No one can ever tell

But whatever road you choose
I'm right behind you, win or lose
Forever Young, Forever Young
Forever Young ,Forever Young
Forever Young, Forever Young
For, Forever Young, Forever Young

{Brien, Katie and Curtis.. Forever Young}

{Brien Andrew, I love you little Brother. I miss you everyday. I know your in heaven with your two best friends but I wish you were here.}

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 9: Refugio

Ah Refugio... (some of you may have just thought i spoke another language, but indeed its a State Beach you can camp at). Our annual family trip, the trip the whole family looks forward to every year. My family along with about 6 or 7 (maybe more) families take every year. The time of year where household rules were bent a little.
Brien loved Refugio, just like all of us did. I mean seriously who couldnt. You camp litterally 20 feet from the beach. The way people got around was on their bike or skateboards. Most of us kids, had our crowds that we hung out with. Brien hung out with everyone. But mainly like to be around Todd. The older Brien got the more like Todd he wanted to be. Todd is a good 6 or 7 years older then Brien. Todd became a chef, Brien wanted to become one. Todd played beach volleyball Brien had to be on Todd's team. It was a fun relationship to watch. In a lot of ways Brien and Todd were alot a like, both very charismatic, both the life of the party, both fun loving, and both were able to play in the big huge volleyball tournament a year before the allowed age of 14. I think Todd like having his very own little fan in Brien.
I have two favorite memories of myself and Brien and Refugio. One is the year Brien and I decided to climb a tree at our campsite. Brien got way higher then I did. But it was fun all the same to let my hair down and just have fun. I do remember being worried that Brien wouldnt be able to get down.
The other memory is catching a wave with Brien on our boogie boards. I was way into water sports at that time, love watching them and this was the first year I truly decided I was going to give it a go. Brien would follow me out to the beach and we would just have fun trying to catch a wave. Brien wouldnt let me give up, I remember one day we boogie boarded all the way until sunset before we called it a day.
{This is the year we had a talent show at Refugio, Brien sang
 "I will always love you" by Whitney Houston to Joseph.
My good funniest thing ever. I think they won}

{Kurt and Brien found this stick and shoe on the beach and named it Sheila.
 Kurt is holding Sheila and Brien is in the dodger shirt.
Sheila still comes along to Refugio every year}

{One of the thing we do for fun. Games. Brien in Orange shirt and backwards cap}

{Night time game playing, Brien again in orange shirt, and
 shorts and barefoot. I cant believe he wasnt cold}

{The tree Brien and I climbed. This is Brien safely getting down}

{Refugio wouldnt be the same without Sambos for Breakfast
before we started our camping week.}

{Brien playing volleyball, he is of course the little guy going for the ball.
Todd is wearing the jean shorts, Stacey the only girl
and our dad wearing the white shirt}

{The little one waiting for Breakfast, Brien in the back drinking hot coco}

{The dreaded dishes}

Brien, Refugio hasnt been the same without you. Your memory is alive and well back at Refugio.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 8: Preschool

Back when on day  2 or 3 of this blog, I was writng about when Brien was a baby. I said I couldnt remember much of Brien has a baby or toddler. The first memory of Brien that popped into my head was a preschool memory  I have of Brien. I had to have been in first maybe second grade when Brien was in pre-k. We went to cornerstone christian elem. They had this seperate preschool playground with a huge sandbox some swings, a slide and some wooden structures one of them was a bus with bus seats and a steering wheel. the bus was red just in case you were wondering, and they had another structure that was a house, i think it was yellow. the whole preschool playground was fenced off but pretty much right the front of the school. The bigger kids playgroound was accross the parking lot, with a playstructure, monkey bars, slides, swings and a huge open field.
Mostly our teachers tried to keep the big kids on the our playground. But the bathrooms were of course on the other side of the parking lot. I remember me and my friend Krissy would always say we had to go to the bathroom but instead of going to the bathroom we would go to the preschool playground and "hunt" down Brien and her little sister, Jill. I swear we would always find them playing in the bus or houses. We'd yell their names and call them over just to say hi. It was super fun, maybe because we werent supposed to do that or maybe we just loved our little siblings that much. We would hang out there until the preschool teachers would tell us to leave, which never took long.
I keep thinking about that memory and why it instatantly popped in my head. I think it did because even then Brien was always the charmer. His personality was so big even then, we could spot him any where on that playground. I miss that about him. His easy going charming like attitude.
Well here is pictures of that charming little preschooler.
{Family photo time, Brien in the back center, Kyle on left second row,
 Aimee(me) on right, and Kurt in middle on bottom}

{Christmas 1990, Brien on left, then Aimee(me) holding
Kaitlyn n center, Kurt on right, Kyle Behind}

{What a cutie, I mean seriously you can see why he was in comercials}

{Brien's pre-k school photo, this is almost a perfect school photo besides his overalls being crooked.
 Other then that it rates really high in my perfessional oppion. And besides look
 at that smile. No mom would say no to that picture}

{This is actually one of my favorite pictures of the 5 maloney kids. Kyle back left,
Brien in middle, then Aimee(me) on right, bottom row, Kaitlyn left, then Kurt on right}

So thats it for now, already have my post ready for tomorrow. Actually I have two. Which will it be "confessions" or "refugio". IDK but they are both really good. Right now I really just miss Brien and all that charm he had to offer.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 7: Sports

Today I am not going to write a lot about Brien. Firstly because this pictures speak for themselves, secondly, I am super dizzy and have a migrane.
But just in case you never knew Brien, he loved all sports, from football to baseball to basketball to hockey to skateboard, surfing, volleyball, and any other sport you can think of. I think if given the chance to grow up he would have became a sports announcer both because of his dinamic personality and knowledge/love for sports. He seriously could have been another Vin Sully, Chick Hearn or John Madden. And if he decided announcing wasnt his passion he could have been another great coach in the hall of fame. It was hard to have a conversion with Brien without him mentioning sports. wether it be a metaphor or about the last game play or the games to come. That boy knew his sports. Where Brien lacked in height and talent he truly made up for it in the knowledge and love for the game. It didnt matter the game, playing goalie for roller hockey, second base in baseball, keeping stats for Don Lugo High, playing basketball, beach volleyball, or playing backyard games such as kick the can or duct ball, capture the flag, franklin or texican. Brien knew the rules and stats of everything. Its hard to come across anyone that knew Brien that doesnt have a sports memory of him. I guess if I had to narrow down my favorite memory of Brien and sports it would be simple game of neighbourhood "round the world". Like a lot of my early teenage years, I planned to spend the night hold up n my room, writing reading and watching the fun outside my window. I guess Brien had enough of me holding myself hostage and begged me to come play a round of basketball. Of course I said no. heck why would I want to make a fool of myself I couldnt make a ball into a hoop if my life depended on it. Brien then told me that it didnt matter it was about having fun. I still wasnt convinced. Then Brien said two words that at that point in my life would have made me do anything "Mike Damico is out there" thats all he had to say "Mike Damico" and I put on tennis shoes and went outtside to play. I dont remember who won the game, but I remember that that game we ending trading the basketball for a franklin ball and then for a super large bouncy ball and basically ended up throwing it at each other. It was the most fun I had in a long time. Thanks to Brien and two little words, I met some amazing friends and became closer once again to my brother. I will always cherish that moment.
and now for your viewing pleasure, Brien and his one true love Sports.

{Brien was truly number 1}

{Sports lover from the beginning}

{Baseball Boy}


{More soccer}

{Showing off his Red Wings Jersey}

{Skateboarding outside}

{Brien playing running to cover first}

{Batters up}

{Volleyball, Brien may have lacked in height but not love for the game}

What is your favorite sports memory of Brien?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Taking a moment to welcome baby Kensley to the world

Just want to take this moment out of the Brien Project to welcome to the world my new baby "niece" Kensley Harper. Here are her stats.
she entered this world at 4:26 pm weighing 7lbs 9 oz and 19 1/4 inches
Congrats to one of my Best friends Z and her Hubby Brian and big sister Kaydence.
Kensley I just know you made this world a million times brighter, your just a little ray of sunshine :)
I really wish I could be in AZ right now.

Day 6: Brien and Kurt

People say there is a special bond between brothers, never is this more evident then the relationship between Brien and his little brother Kurt. The older Kurt got the more people thought and Brien and Kurt were twins. They acted so much alike, my mom even dressed them alike most days. And if you ever had the chance to eat dinner with the pair of them it was pretty much a guarantee milk was coming out your nose from laughing so hard. Whatever story Brien  was telling you could pretty much be sure that Kurt would finish it and vise versa. They played off each others joke so well, If you would have asked me ten years ago I would have told you that the two of them were going to grow up and be famous comedians together. Even possibly have a show called Brien and Kurt. This I was sure of.
I am sure there were countless nights my parents had a hard time getting them to sleep be as how they shared rooms. I bet they spent a lot of nights joking around and goofing off.
In the areas they werent alike, it seemed like they completed each other. Where Brien had the heart and knowledge of the game, Kurt had the talent. It seems has how God made the perfect person in the form of my two brothers (bias yes, but hey they are my brothers).  Together they were the perfect pair. There was never a dull moment with Brien and Kurt around. I thank God everyday for giving 14 years with Brien, and 12 years with the two of them together. I never laugh so hard when the two of them were together. Dinners at our house was never boring or quiet. We didnt need to watch a lot of tv, we had the best entertainment.
Brien and Kurt were honestly best friends and the best brothers.
{Brien holding Kurt, of course in matching outfits}

{Brien and Kurt goofying off, Brien were the Turtles shirt.
See how people thought they were twins, Kurt is already taller
then his big Brother}

{Playing together Brien on left}

{Helping my dad build a back patio and sun deck.
Brien is in the front, Kurt in the back}

{Brien helping Kurt open his Bday presents.Brien on the right}

{Playing footbal at Nana Tonto's house. Brien running the
football, Kurt getting ready to block}

{Christmas day. Brien looking over at what Kurt got, knowing that
whatever Kurt got ment he got it too}

I am sure Kurt as a million memories with his big brother. I sure do miss those family dinners and fun interactions between Brien and Kurt.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 5: Cousins

Growing up my extended family was a big part of mine and my siblings life. Alot of my memories of Brien involve my cousins as well. Here are just a few
  • Brien loved hanging out with his cousins Casey and Wesley, anytime we went down to San Deigo Brien and Kyle were always eager to stay at Aunt Cathy's house to spend hours upon hours playing video games and just being boys. Whenever we went to hang out with them after spending the night at my Aunt Joni's you could be sure you would see the boys playing video games are watching Casey and Wesley play the drums and guitar.
  • During the summers, I remember spending hours with Brien and the rest of my siblings and cousins in my Aunt Joni's pool.
  • We spent  alot of time with my cousins Annie and Sarah, they went to church with us and spent a lot of friday nights at our house, or vise versa. We would be super heroes or set up hunted house in our bedrooms.
  • Holiday were always fun and crazy and crowded. Lots of present opening and laughing and talking. Brien of course being the center of attention.

Cousins are a big part of my memories with Brien. I could go on and on. But pictures are so much nicer to look at so here are just a few .

{Brien with his sister Stacey and cousin Matt}

{Brien with his older cousin Sarah and cousin Annie}

{The family and friends and cousin Michele wedding, Brien front row gray blue shirt}

{Close up of same picture, you can Brien better}

{The family at cousin Amanda's wedding, Brien the little guy in the back}

{Again close up of same picure you can see Brien now, still the little guy in the back, white shirt}

{Christmas at my dads house, of course Brien is wearing his beloved well worn Cowboys jersey}

{Brien in the front row, dodgers shirt, with our Franck cousins}

{Brien again in the dodger shirt, with more of our Franck cousins}

{The San Deigo cousins, Brien in the red shirt on the couch}

{Playing NFLopoly with cousin Wesley and Casey and brother Kyle.
Brien is on the Left in Cowboy hat}

{Brien in the back center on Christmas with brother Kurt,
cousin Justin, cousin Matt, and sister Katie and Kake}

{Closer of the same picture, Brien on Left, with Kurt and Justin}

{More christmas time with siblings and cousins,
Brien is in the blue shirt front row}

{Brien with brother Kurt, sister Stacey and cousins Casey
and Wesley, Brien is in the back red shirt and black jacket}

{The two trouble makers, Wes and Brien}

{Playing together as always Brien and Wes}

{Hanging out at Nana Tontos with cousins
 Sarah and Annie. Brien is 3rd from left}

Well there is just some of the memories and pictures of Brien with his cousin. I am sure my cousins have a million more memories and pictures with Brien. What was your favorite memory my dear cousins.