Monday, January 17, 2011

A Birthday

Today while most people are out celebrating MLK day, my family is celebrating my brother Kurts 22nd birthday. Kurt is the star of the family. and the comedian. In fact he really is both, he does stand up, comedy sportz, plays, movies.. he will break out someday I can feel it.
Here is Kurt from a little tike to the man he is today

 {Kurt is the baby here. front and center}   

{Kurt and his niece Maddie}

{Kurt at OB with his cousins, Casey and Wesley and brother Brien}

{Kurt and the ladies in his life}

{Kurt with some of his siblings and their boyfriends}

{What did I tell you about Kurt being the star of the show??}

{One of Kurts Headshots}

{Kurt and his baby brother Aaron}

{Kurt on set}

{Kurt on set of the unbreaking point}   

I have many more pictures of Kurt but being as how wifi still isnt working at my house.. i had to steal all these from FB.  Happy Birthday Kurt

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