Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 6: Brien and Kurt

People say there is a special bond between brothers, never is this more evident then the relationship between Brien and his little brother Kurt. The older Kurt got the more people thought and Brien and Kurt were twins. They acted so much alike, my mom even dressed them alike most days. And if you ever had the chance to eat dinner with the pair of them it was pretty much a guarantee milk was coming out your nose from laughing so hard. Whatever story Brien  was telling you could pretty much be sure that Kurt would finish it and vise versa. They played off each others joke so well, If you would have asked me ten years ago I would have told you that the two of them were going to grow up and be famous comedians together. Even possibly have a show called Brien and Kurt. This I was sure of.
I am sure there were countless nights my parents had a hard time getting them to sleep be as how they shared rooms. I bet they spent a lot of nights joking around and goofing off.
In the areas they werent alike, it seemed like they completed each other. Where Brien had the heart and knowledge of the game, Kurt had the talent. It seems has how God made the perfect person in the form of my two brothers (bias yes, but hey they are my brothers).  Together they were the perfect pair. There was never a dull moment with Brien and Kurt around. I thank God everyday for giving 14 years with Brien, and 12 years with the two of them together. I never laugh so hard when the two of them were together. Dinners at our house was never boring or quiet. We didnt need to watch a lot of tv, we had the best entertainment.
Brien and Kurt were honestly best friends and the best brothers.
{Brien holding Kurt, of course in matching outfits}

{Brien and Kurt goofying off, Brien were the Turtles shirt.
See how people thought they were twins, Kurt is already taller
then his big Brother}

{Playing together Brien on left}

{Helping my dad build a back patio and sun deck.
Brien is in the front, Kurt in the back}

{Brien helping Kurt open his Bday presents.Brien on the right}

{Playing footbal at Nana Tonto's house. Brien running the
football, Kurt getting ready to block}

{Christmas day. Brien looking over at what Kurt got, knowing that
whatever Kurt got ment he got it too}

I am sure Kurt as a million memories with his big brother. I sure do miss those family dinners and fun interactions between Brien and Kurt.

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