Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 3: Remember this Moment

Looking at these sweet little monsters I live with, watching them play. I want to just tell them remember this moment right here playing hide and go seek under the buzz lightyear blanket. Trying to be as quiet as possible. Shushing your little brother because he is giggling way to loudly. Dont only remember the big things, remember these small little moments those everyday things. The funny vonversations at the dinner table. The days you were buzz and woody ready to take on the whole toy box. Remember this moment the one your in.
Those are the moments I wish I remembered more clearly or at least mre of them. Those night at the dinner table, when Brien could never seem to hold his fork right or keep his elbows off the table. Those moments when we put on capesand save the world one stair case at a time. Those moments when Big Bear and LiLi became monster that jumped out of closet to scare our cousins on friday nights. When laundry baskets became race cars and sleeping bags became boats to conquer the staircase waterfalls. When capture the flag was the best way to spend a saturday, and kick the can was the only thing to do on saturday nights. When making up games on the trampoline was all the rage. Those moments with the ninja turtles saved Barbie. And the only place to be safe in an earthquake was in our big brothers room. The moments catching a wave was just as awesome as late night walks on the beach. The moment where listing to you have the funniest converstation with your little brother was the only thing that made me crack a smile. Those little tiny everyday moments, that seem so small are the ones you hold on to the most. Those are the ones I wish I could remember more of. The ones I wish were captured on film.
Those are the moments my little monster I want you to remember.

And now for more baby/toddler pictures of Brien.

{Brien with his Great Grandma Aimee, Brien and Grandma Aimee are
 now happily laughing and playing in heaven together again}

{And this was the start of my two brothers that could make milk spill out
your nose from laughing so hard. Brien holding his baby brother Kurt}

{Balloons make babies happy, case in point Brien and a balloon}

{Sweet moment with Grandma Aimee and Brien}

{Picture day, Brien is the boy on the left, Big brother Kyle is behind
with big sister, Aimee(me) sitting on the right}

{These two were so much like twins. Brien is holding brother Kurt}

{Beach day, Brien in the middle, Aimee on left, Kyle on right}

{Brien learing to walk with cousin Michele (or could be cousin Amanda)}

{Big stairs, Little Brien}

{You can almost see all the mischeif he will cause in his lifetime,
 all in that little Brien smirk I miss so much}

{Tunnel time, Brien front and center, then Kyle and lastly Aimee}

{Who is this person? - Brien starring intenly on Kurt}

{Beach Babes, Brien is the baby in the middle, Aimee on left,
Kyle with the cheesy grin on the right}

{Are you sure he has to stay? Brien looks like he isnt quite
sure he likes his new little brother, Kurt}

{Well if he has to stay, I better take a closer look. - Brien and Kurt}

{Baby Brien enjoying the beach}

{Close up, I love this picture because even though Kyle is trying to
steal the spotlight how can you  miss that cute chubby
baby Brien playing in the sand?}

{A day at the beach, Brien off playing by himself
and Aimee and Kyle building a sand castle}

Well there is Brien in all his chubby glory as a baby and toddler. In writing this blog, I am really missing Brien. Remembering all those small things I miss the most.

And now a memory from Bill, one of the Youth Leaders at the church we used to go to.
"That year in Jr High Youth Brian was the one who was able to take a box of candy hearts and make a 10 word sentance with the hearts by rubbing off some leters. I Still Remember!"

Thanks for that memory Bill. Brien could always think outside the box and be very creative. Feel free to share you memories and pictures with me to post on the blog.


  1. So glad you are doing this! It's a great way to celebrate Brien and honor his memory. Even though I never had the chance to meet Brien, I feel like I am getting to know him through this blog. I even showed Gavin the pictures to tell him about his cousin up in heaven.

  2. Thanks Anna, I wish you and Gavin could have met Brien. He would loved little Gavin to pieces. I am glad that even though you never met Brien you are keeping his memory alive with Gavin. Our cousins in San Deigo were such a big part of our lives growing up so many memories involve all the cousins out there. I am sure Wesley and Casey could tell you loads about Brien since Kyle and Brien were always with Wes and Casey.