Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 7: Sports

Today I am not going to write a lot about Brien. Firstly because this pictures speak for themselves, secondly, I am super dizzy and have a migrane.
But just in case you never knew Brien, he loved all sports, from football to baseball to basketball to hockey to skateboard, surfing, volleyball, and any other sport you can think of. I think if given the chance to grow up he would have became a sports announcer both because of his dinamic personality and knowledge/love for sports. He seriously could have been another Vin Sully, Chick Hearn or John Madden. And if he decided announcing wasnt his passion he could have been another great coach in the hall of fame. It was hard to have a conversion with Brien without him mentioning sports. wether it be a metaphor or about the last game play or the games to come. That boy knew his sports. Where Brien lacked in height and talent he truly made up for it in the knowledge and love for the game. It didnt matter the game, playing goalie for roller hockey, second base in baseball, keeping stats for Don Lugo High, playing basketball, beach volleyball, or playing backyard games such as kick the can or duct ball, capture the flag, franklin or texican. Brien knew the rules and stats of everything. Its hard to come across anyone that knew Brien that doesnt have a sports memory of him. I guess if I had to narrow down my favorite memory of Brien and sports it would be simple game of neighbourhood "round the world". Like a lot of my early teenage years, I planned to spend the night hold up n my room, writing reading and watching the fun outside my window. I guess Brien had enough of me holding myself hostage and begged me to come play a round of basketball. Of course I said no. heck why would I want to make a fool of myself I couldnt make a ball into a hoop if my life depended on it. Brien then told me that it didnt matter it was about having fun. I still wasnt convinced. Then Brien said two words that at that point in my life would have made me do anything "Mike Damico is out there" thats all he had to say "Mike Damico" and I put on tennis shoes and went outtside to play. I dont remember who won the game, but I remember that that game we ending trading the basketball for a franklin ball and then for a super large bouncy ball and basically ended up throwing it at each other. It was the most fun I had in a long time. Thanks to Brien and two little words, I met some amazing friends and became closer once again to my brother. I will always cherish that moment.
and now for your viewing pleasure, Brien and his one true love Sports.

{Brien was truly number 1}

{Sports lover from the beginning}

{Baseball Boy}


{More soccer}

{Showing off his Red Wings Jersey}

{Skateboarding outside}

{Brien playing running to cover first}

{Batters up}

{Volleyball, Brien may have lacked in height but not love for the game}

What is your favorite sports memory of Brien?

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