Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Soo I have been internet-less since saturday, which for most I assume isnt long. But its killing me. Exspecially since job now only eccept apps online, and then there is email, craigslist for jobs, not to mention facebook, my only source of tv hulu, blogging, monster game that the big monster has been dying for me to play so he can watch, then there is editing, and whatever else it is i do on here. So right now I am at starbucks using their internet but its really slow I was hoping that it would be a little faster so i can do more. But its super slow. hopefully our internet will be up and running tomorrow. which is good I have at least 3 blog postings that I can do. plus I need to get back in the habit of applying for at least 10 jobs a day. on a bright note conserning the job hunt I am now working with a temp agency to help me find work, just official signed up yesterday, called today but alas nothing. I am hoping if the internet decides to go slightly faster I  can edit some pictures and at least do a teaser post on my sisters pictures feature her new mohawk yes you heard me right SISTER and MOHAWK. who knows if it will. it took like 15 minutes just to get the freaking site open. I know Kake really wants to see some of these pics. I am trying sis I swear. if the site doesnt upload these pics soon I am going home, I have a headache since I didnt sleep last night. I am also very tired.  and getting cranky. and this post is becoming just me rambling. oh well. come on internet... at least let me edit one picture for my sister. and internet guy tommorrow please fix our internet. ya the pictures are almost uploaded so depending on how long it takes to edit them I will have at least one done and posted on my blog.

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