Sunday, January 16, 2011

The outsiders or rebel without a cause

More of Kake. These next few pictures remind me a little bit of the book The Outsiders and a little bit of the movie Rebel without a cause. Cant  put my finger on why, maybe its because Kake looks like she could be sodapop or ponyboy or maybe its that look in her eye that screams rebel. Or even yet it could be the bricks, the rumble. It could be the fact that I really enjoy The Outsiders and Rebel without a cause and I havent seen/read either in a while. Anyways enough yakking more pictures.

{Cant you see the "pain" in her eyes? I love it, Kake is more then what she seems}

{I cant tell you what it is about these photos I love so much}

{Rebel, }

{yes I know its a crotch shot, but I love the idea. The pain the beauty}

{yes I know another "crotch shot", but the face and the idea is capturing to me}

{another favorite}


  1. Fantastic location!!! It's absolutely perfect for her look. You have such a great eye Aimee!

  2. Thanks very much Abby. I love this place, there is soo much more to it but this is all we had time for that day. Its a whole street worth of awesomeness.