Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 9: Refugio

Ah Refugio... (some of you may have just thought i spoke another language, but indeed its a State Beach you can camp at). Our annual family trip, the trip the whole family looks forward to every year. My family along with about 6 or 7 (maybe more) families take every year. The time of year where household rules were bent a little.
Brien loved Refugio, just like all of us did. I mean seriously who couldnt. You camp litterally 20 feet from the beach. The way people got around was on their bike or skateboards. Most of us kids, had our crowds that we hung out with. Brien hung out with everyone. But mainly like to be around Todd. The older Brien got the more like Todd he wanted to be. Todd is a good 6 or 7 years older then Brien. Todd became a chef, Brien wanted to become one. Todd played beach volleyball Brien had to be on Todd's team. It was a fun relationship to watch. In a lot of ways Brien and Todd were alot a like, both very charismatic, both the life of the party, both fun loving, and both were able to play in the big huge volleyball tournament a year before the allowed age of 14. I think Todd like having his very own little fan in Brien.
I have two favorite memories of myself and Brien and Refugio. One is the year Brien and I decided to climb a tree at our campsite. Brien got way higher then I did. But it was fun all the same to let my hair down and just have fun. I do remember being worried that Brien wouldnt be able to get down.
The other memory is catching a wave with Brien on our boogie boards. I was way into water sports at that time, love watching them and this was the first year I truly decided I was going to give it a go. Brien would follow me out to the beach and we would just have fun trying to catch a wave. Brien wouldnt let me give up, I remember one day we boogie boarded all the way until sunset before we called it a day.
{This is the year we had a talent show at Refugio, Brien sang
 "I will always love you" by Whitney Houston to Joseph.
My good funniest thing ever. I think they won}

{Kurt and Brien found this stick and shoe on the beach and named it Sheila.
 Kurt is holding Sheila and Brien is in the dodger shirt.
Sheila still comes along to Refugio every year}

{One of the thing we do for fun. Games. Brien in Orange shirt and backwards cap}

{Night time game playing, Brien again in orange shirt, and
 shorts and barefoot. I cant believe he wasnt cold}

{The tree Brien and I climbed. This is Brien safely getting down}

{Refugio wouldnt be the same without Sambos for Breakfast
before we started our camping week.}

{Brien playing volleyball, he is of course the little guy going for the ball.
Todd is wearing the jean shorts, Stacey the only girl
and our dad wearing the white shirt}

{The little one waiting for Breakfast, Brien in the back drinking hot coco}

{The dreaded dishes}

Brien, Refugio hasnt been the same without you. Your memory is alive and well back at Refugio.

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