Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 8: Preschool

Back when on day  2 or 3 of this blog, I was writng about when Brien was a baby. I said I couldnt remember much of Brien has a baby or toddler. The first memory of Brien that popped into my head was a preschool memory  I have of Brien. I had to have been in first maybe second grade when Brien was in pre-k. We went to cornerstone christian elem. They had this seperate preschool playground with a huge sandbox some swings, a slide and some wooden structures one of them was a bus with bus seats and a steering wheel. the bus was red just in case you were wondering, and they had another structure that was a house, i think it was yellow. the whole preschool playground was fenced off but pretty much right the front of the school. The bigger kids playgroound was accross the parking lot, with a playstructure, monkey bars, slides, swings and a huge open field.
Mostly our teachers tried to keep the big kids on the our playground. But the bathrooms were of course on the other side of the parking lot. I remember me and my friend Krissy would always say we had to go to the bathroom but instead of going to the bathroom we would go to the preschool playground and "hunt" down Brien and her little sister, Jill. I swear we would always find them playing in the bus or houses. We'd yell their names and call them over just to say hi. It was super fun, maybe because we werent supposed to do that or maybe we just loved our little siblings that much. We would hang out there until the preschool teachers would tell us to leave, which never took long.
I keep thinking about that memory and why it instatantly popped in my head. I think it did because even then Brien was always the charmer. His personality was so big even then, we could spot him any where on that playground. I miss that about him. His easy going charming like attitude.
Well here is pictures of that charming little preschooler.
{Family photo time, Brien in the back center, Kyle on left second row,
 Aimee(me) on right, and Kurt in middle on bottom}

{Christmas 1990, Brien on left, then Aimee(me) holding
Kaitlyn n center, Kurt on right, Kyle Behind}

{What a cutie, I mean seriously you can see why he was in comercials}

{Brien's pre-k school photo, this is almost a perfect school photo besides his overalls being crooked.
 Other then that it rates really high in my perfessional oppion. And besides look
 at that smile. No mom would say no to that picture}

{This is actually one of my favorite pictures of the 5 maloney kids. Kyle back left,
Brien in middle, then Aimee(me) on right, bottom row, Kaitlyn left, then Kurt on right}

So thats it for now, already have my post ready for tomorrow. Actually I have two. Which will it be "confessions" or "refugio". IDK but they are both really good. Right now I really just miss Brien and all that charm he had to offer.

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