Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blogs and Cards

So I have decided that I need to blog more not because I have a million fans wondering about my life and whats happening I only have 5. but its more of a document of what my life is for when I get older, I can remember those special moments, moments that are fleeting. Ones that are life changing and life shattering and those that just put a smile on my face. Nobody else is going to write in the life of aimee but me. So I might as well write, for myself, my five wonderful fans, those that just happen to scroll on by and for my kids someday. when they want to know who I was as a "kid". I remember the day my mom let me read her diary. It was by far one of the greatest books I ever read. I saw my mom not only as a mom but once a teenager and young adult. A person with feelings and crushes. I remember being really sad my mom didnt keep writing in a diary when it was over. she does do a prayer journal.. never read those. so someday my kids can read their moms blog, which i guess is this generations form of a journal. they can see i am not all rules and bedtimes but a person with crushes and thoughts. and how through trail and ere I became who i am.

On more of a whats happening note. Bestie held a scrapping party yesterday. SOOOO much fun. I got 3 cards done. For a few hours, I got to forget I was the girl struggling to find a job, the girl who doesnt know where her next car payment will come from. I was  a girl with a mission to make cards. And cards were made. And I had fun playing with my cricut along with Kalene's scrapping toys. By the way thanks for letting me play with them and helping with my cards. Two of these cards will have to be mailed out to AZ shortly, one is off to my brother, the other to my littlest monster. Two cards I am posting have been made already and given to Candi for her 21st and Kirk for his birthday. I have at least two more cards to make before feb. might even do it this week.

{Candi Canes 21st birthday card. it only took me four hours. but not bad for the first card i made. prolly wont be making all my cards this intense only for super special occasions}

{the front}

{the guts of the card}

{for Kirk, the boys dad}

{happy birthday Kirky}

{My brothers card in the back was the orginal size  i started making cards then decided they are awefully big. so i started making them the smaller size}

{4 birthday cards}

{the guts... I am missing on other card I made recently my mommys.. i gave her to her before  i photographed it}

so even more news... my sister cut her hair in a mohawk.. yes I said my SISTER. only Kake. hhahaha.

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