Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 12: Spolight - Annie

This post that your reading here is written by my cousin Annie. Brien was 7 months older then Annie. We all, being my family and her family, used to go to church together and hang out a lot together. And now without further ado Annie:

I remember always playing flag football in the front of your house and basketball. and we would play football with everyone when we went to papa stonys & nana tantos for the holidays. brien loved sports. any kind. football. basketball. hockey. any sport. it was his passion. or just sitting and playing video games although i think i was the one who got the least amount of turns. haha probably cause i suck at video games. i remember us all doing church plays together. when we went to ICC and i was a sheep. i looked like a huge cotton ball lol. i felt like brien was my best friend growing up. i wasnt very girly. i was more of the "tom boy" lol so i fit in with playing "boy" games with brien and kurt. we always had fun no matter what we did. i wasnt pushed away for being a girl and not being able to keep up. we were close growing up, only a couple months apart. i miss him SO much and my life has not been the same since that day at school i was told the news. i wish i could have had the chance to know him now. the man he would have grown up to be. i wish he would have gotten to meet chloe. although i know he is looking down on me and her. i know she will be safe with him as he guardian angel. i love you brien and i cant wait to see you again and for you to meet chloe. keep watching over us and keeping us all safe. you have so many people who love you and miss you dont ever forget that!

These next pictures are also from Annie

{Cousins and Nana Tonto's and Papa Stony's house, from left to right; Sarah, Kake, Brien, Annie, Kurt, Kyle and Aimee}

{Annie's Birthday; Annie is on the left side of the table 2nd from end,
Brien is in the white shirt nexxt to Annie}

{The kids singing at Church, front row, two boys matching are Kurt(closest to left)
and Brien, then right next to Brien in black dress is Annie}

{More church singing, Brien is in front with his hands in his mouth. Annie first row in white dress}

{Most likely Easter at church; Annie is the girl in the middle white bonnet and gloves,
Brien is the boy to the right in blue shirt}

{Yes you saw this yesterday but the picture actually came from Annie,
Sarah is up front, Brien in the white and red shirt}

Thank you Annie for the pictures and all your great memories. If you have memories and pictures you would like to share of Brien, please feel free to email them to me at

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