Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 4: Football

One thing I think everyone will remember about Brien was his love for sports, any sport. He knew stats of all sorts of teams, he also love to debate sports.
I remember one particular time watching the super bowl in what had to of been 97. We were at a family friends house watching. Brien was intently watching the game, I on the other hand was only half watching the game half wishing this stupid game was over because there had to be something better on tv then football. Brien ask me shortly after the game started who I was rooting for. Of course I said "I dont know" he then told me that I must pick a team. watching football and not caring who won was pointless. So i looked at the teams i thought well the team in green and yellow has a better looking quarter back, so naturally I chose the green and yellow team.I dont remember what team Brien decided to root for since his beloved cowboys didnt make the superbowl that year. I guess in a back handed way Brien is the reason why i like the green and yellow team so much.
i wonder who Brien would have been rooting for today... I would like to think that he would also like the green and yellow team to win, which of course we know they day.I wonder who Brien would be rooting for in the super bowl. Again I would hope the Packers, but I guess I will never know.
I really miss Brien passion for sports, his true love for the game. He was always such a good sport, win or lose he really just loved to play the game. I wish more people in this world were like that. Briens true love of course wasnt football but basketball. I think the minute that boy stepped on a bastketball court he was in love. And boy did he ever love that game. It didnt matter that he wasnt the best or tallest on the team but he sure did have the biggest heart and most knowledge of the game. Brien was like that with any sport. If you would have let him he would have talked your ear off about any sporting event, hot topic or not. I sure do miss Brien on big sporting days like today.

{Brien wearing his beloved Cowboys jersey}

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