Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 11: My sweet Sixteen

Remember when you turn the grand age of sixteen?? I would have to say that my 16th birthday was by far the greatest party ever. And even though it was my party Brien was definatly the life of it. He was on my team for the polaird scavanger hunt and boy was that fun. We played an egg tossing game, Brien kept making all sorts of funny comments. The best part about my party was when my friends decided that Brien needed to be put into a trash can, upside down. Oh boy that was funny. It was nice to have all my neighbourhood friends and school friends all in the same place. The only person that was missing was Curtis. But none the less it was a great party. Here are the pictures to prove it :)
{Brien upside down in the trash can, pictured from left to right, cousin Annie, Daniel, the infamous Mike Damico, Katie Nelson, sister Stacey, sister Kake, and brother Aaron

{Part of the poloroid game, picture with stop sign, Brien is in red sleeved shirt, pictured left to right, cousin Annie(in overalls), Daniel, Mike(yes he is licking the pole), sister Stacey(in tank top), cousin Sarah(blue shirt), sister Kake(arm around Brien) and me(arms folded in center)}

{Polariod game make the letter "A", Brien make the cross in the "A", Left to right, Daniel, Amy, Stacey, Sarah, Mike, and me}

{Polaroid game, picture with a fireheidrent, Brien is on Left leaning in, behind him Daniel, Stacey, Kake, Amy, Mike, on the right Annie and Sarah}

{Brien being his goofy self}

{Egg toss, Brien is behind Sarah. Looks like they both dropped their eggs}

I wish I could find more pictures from my party.

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