Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monster Day.

Today was fun. I got to babysit my two little monsters. I love my monsters. We had a great day.. low key but fun. We spent the day at Brandons house swimming. Brandon is soo good with the boys. Helped me get them and their stuff ready to go. We went to two store looking for another pair of floaties.. and even though it was 105 out no store had them cuz its "autumn" . ya no it isnt its a long summer. so luckily DJ isnt huge on getting in the pool. So instead of saying how my day went I am gonna do what I do best and show you how my day was.
{Bugs loves the water, he was swimming away}

{waving to Candi... he loved this water tube.}

{Brandon helping DJ get Bugs soaked. haha. such a fatherly figure right?}

{this is pretty much the farthest DJ got it but he sure did love kickin'}

{Mr GQ watching his brother swim}

{look at that cheese ball smile}

{more help from Brandon}

{relaxing Monster}

{yep Monster found the water gun}

{Dawson Loved getting thrown in by Brandon}

{this one is a model... except he hates the camera}

{its me and my Bugaboo, I am teaching him to float on his back. He wasnt so sure}

{DJ being DJ}

{trying out the hose on his own}

{that sly little smile.. that is soo him. and also reminds me of Brandon}

{My brave  Bugs... he loves jumping in. Next step take away the floaties :) }

What a great day. today was. After swimming we drove through carls jr for dinner. Bugs enjoyed his meal toy and his puzzles before bedtime. DJ opted to watch Princess and the Frog with me instead. Then we all got ready for bed. the boys in their PJ i read them a story. Kinda fitting called Monsters Picnic. Well I hope everyone elses sunday was amazing like mine I love my boys.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Weekend

Ya I posting this late.. oh well. So i actually had a weekend off... saturday AND sunday. I always get sundays off {for now} but saturday i never get off. So brandon took me sailing with his buddy John who owns the boat. Super exciting. Prolly one of the best days of my life :) I even got to drive the boat.

{All the boats docked up. When we started sailing it was a bit or rather a lot a bit gloomy}

{This is me driving the boat. I didnt crash. Yay!}

{Brandon wanting to drive soo bad.. so I let him. how nice of me}

{we sail next to the queen mary. which is always nice to look at}

{these kite surfers were everywhere. i was afraid i was gonna hit them and how sad would that be}

{open waters}

{Me and brandon.. enjoying one of the best days ever}

{this was prolly the scariest part.. standing at the front of the boat while it was moving. luckily we were about to dock so we werent going fast}

{My loves turn.. he has his sea legs.. notice he isnt holding on to anything}

{both of us together at the front of the boat. whoo hoo great day sailing. thanks John}

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

pix of the day: the mermaid, the harry pirate & the gay bro

soooo... today at work it was a little slow out in Buena Park.. and my coworkers and I at first started playing hangman... then we decided to just start drawing on the white board. and out came a comic strip about a drunk harry pirate, and typical bro who came out of the closet and a mermaid who take revenge on both.

{the whole white board}

{close up of the gay bro and his little dog and the wacky tree}

{the drunken harry pirate, who is chained to the ground. and always has a rain cloud over head}

{My mermaid with her cannon not hooka and those are bombs not balloons are radishes oh ya and her little fish too}

{the comic strip of the bro coming out of the closet}

oh good times at work today. this is what kept me awake. good ol long days this week. yay for money

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pix of the day: 9-10. DISNEYLAND and the HIGH

So excited for today I got to scrapbook with the bestest friend this morning got two whole layouts done. Oh I love to scrap. Then it was off to Dland for the day with my love. Just me and Brandon. First time we have be able to do that. It was really nice. We spent 6ish hours there. It was super fun. Here are some high lights.

{of having no kids mean the big roller coasters :)}

{dont mind the hot fries... I was super excited to see turtle talk with crush. I hadnt seen it yet. I was very much entertained. cannot wait to do it again. Crush you rock:)}

{I think the biggest surprise was that Brandon wanting to go on Soarin' he is afraid of heights and can get motiion sickness on rides like these. But he did it and I am proud. Good Job Babe. He didnt like it. and he had to wear the child strap because he was afraid he would fall out. the older couple next to us talked him through the whole thing it was very sweet of them.}

{Rebel Brandon: So this was Brandon first ride on the Monorail. We rode up by the driver. So awesome. and Brandon of course wanted to ride in the Captains chair. He is looking over his shoulder to make sure the captain wasnt coming back.}

After Disneyland we drove to hollywood to see Kurt in the High. Which is a improvised teen drama. Kurt did very well I am very proud to be his sister. Brandon just loved it. It was the first time he had seen Kurt do anything other then stand up. We both cant wait to go back. We had to leave before The Ledge started because it was already VERY late and I had to work the next morning. Yea a couple hours sleep is not fun. Oh well the day was!

Pic of the Day 9/9: Waiting for tomorrow

*Aimee note -  yes I am posting this late. but i took the picture on 9/9 just for my blog.

I cannot wait for friday.. such a big day planned. All I can think about is, is it tomorrow yet???? it seems like everything i did i had to wait.

{I swear I waited for everything, today. sigh.}

Ok it can soo be friday now :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pix of the Day: The Crazy things I do for my Craft

So today I thought I wasnt going to be able to get my picture of the day. No reason just was thinking what can I take that captures my day. The first thing I saw was a little girl in a stroller wearing swimming goggles and a jogging suit. And I thought to myself how perfect is this picture?? soo unique. But i could pull my cell phone out before the walked past me. I was bummed. So after a crazy fun morning of doing the boys hair and the power going out and carting Dawson off to school. I was driving back with decker and saw the coolest old cars on a tow truck I love old cars.

{So I had to drive safely fast to be able to drive right next to this. how cool a pink oldies car}

{This one was my FAV. totally 1930s right?}

So after getting back home with Rhino (Decker) the power was still out and now its almost lunch time what does a good auntie to do?? Well I thought were can Rhino have fun and I still get internet? hmmm Mickey D's of course. So grabbed my laptop and my work clothes pack the little guy in the car and off we went to Mickey D's. After a slight typicall toddler melt down over getting another batman toy, we had a good time.

{yes its a UBER cheesey smile. but I swear we had fun. Also dont you just love the hair cut??}

Dorothy met us at Mickey D's and took Rhino home. While I head off to work. Not expecting a huge big deal a work, I took it easy created some nifty pictures. As the day is winding down I get ONE last sitting. With a crazy bubbley mom. who wanted the strangest picture. And I mean strange. Her basic concept was her daughter  crawling, yes CRAWLING up the stairs reaching for the 2011. So after much work I capture it to the best of my abilities. Then she wanted the same basic concept but at a high angle. Now keep in mind out stair case at work goes about 10 feet up and of course this mom wants her daught at the top of the stairs. so  risk my life capturing this picture for this mom. Hitting my head on the metal pole hanging on the ceiling.. Here is what the picture looked like, it came out better then i hoped but not something I would ever do again.

{told you it was strange}

So folk there you have it the pictures of the day.

There are at least 10...

Recently my boyfriend and I were killing time before my sisters' volleyball game. We ended up at Borders (or Barnes and Noble dont remember which). Of course he headed straight for the extreme sports books and urban art section. I went to the craft section, browsed through a couple books realized that I learn better by doing then by reading. So then I went to the photography section. I found a little book full of IPhone pictures. I was surprised and the quality of pictures not nessisarly the pixal qualities but actuallly how the pictures look. They were pretty good and very neat. Every few pages the arthur would write a little something one thing in particular caught my eye. It said "There are at least ten great pictures waiting to be taken within ten meters of where you are standing right now." The first thing I did was of course look around and see what ten pictures I could be taking right that second. Well this quote ran through my head for days and then I decided to do something about it. A personal challenge you might call it. To take at least one interesting different picture with either my phone(not good quality), my point and shoot (not the greatest quality) or my cannon (great quality). And then to blog a little about why that photo(s) was taken, how it describes my day ect.
{this is a picture from the book I was just quoting yes it was taken from my phone}

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I have been debating about blogging for quite some time. I have always end up saying no because EVERYONE who blogs is married and or has children. I have neither. But I do have things to say wether with pictures or words, I have things to say some random thoughts, sometimes its nothing special just a thought or a picture that captures my eye or mind. Or sometimes I just want to tell someone about my day So I have decided why not blog???? I enjoy reading other peoples blogs. Sometimes even people I dont even know. They entertain me more then tv does. It is like glimpsing into a real life reality show. I guess you can call me a bit ... nosey. So now I am allowing people to be a bit nosey about myself. I have decided that in this blog I am not going to censor myself because so and so might read it.. but its also not going to be a blog bashing people or just to be overly negitive. I am simply going to say it how I see it through my eyes. The good the bad the strange and the weird but mostly the everyday randomness that comes from my crazy mind. And this is just a fair warning I will make up words and I cant spell and I guarantee that there will be many typos.  So I hope you can deal with that :) I guess now I will give you ten random yet fun facts about me.
1. My name is Aimee... now that you know please spell it correctly.
2. I really do love my job even though sometimes I cant stand it. Its kind of like a relationship. It doesnt always give me what I want but I know its always there for me when I need it. Somedays I love it more then a lot. Other days I tolerate it, and the rest of the days I just want to run away from it. But all in all I really do love its crazy, manic, creative ways. Which is why I have been working there for 5 years and 3 months.
3. I am currently in a serious relationship with a man named Brandon. And just like work somedays I absolutely love him and other days I am just not in the mood to like him. But mainly I love him. :) But I know that we are headed in the same direction. And he really is my best friend.. of course along with Dorothy.
4. My favorite color is green.
5. I love photography yes it is what I do for a living. I am always learning something new from it daily. I do do my own stuff on the side mostly families and children. I dont  like weddings (in fact I wont do them) but my bestie does.  Shameless plug? yes but her work is AMAZING. and its my blog and if I want to do a shameless plug so be it. And if you too impress me I may shamelessly plug you or your craft . :O
6. Someday..soon I hope. I will learn to sew. Because I have a crazy dream of owning/designing/selling my own childrens clothing line. I have the ideas written out, along with some hard copy ideas and a company name. I know who I want my business partner to be. I have a plan and everything. I just need to learn to sew.
7. As long as we are on the subject of dreams My life long dream is to be a wife, and a mother of 2.4 kids. and yes mom with "strange" names. I would want to work from home. Be able to be with my kids, cook dinner for the hubby and kids at least a couple times a week, shocker I know cook right. And just live a simple no big deal kind of life.
8. I am starting to change the way I see life. I am trying to see things as "half  full". Its not an easy task either. Since I used to be a "practically empty" kind of girl. But I am trying really hard not to be. And yes I will probably fail but I wont give up.
9. I enjoy scrapbooking. I prefer to do it with other people. I need to scrap more. Anyone care to join??
10. I think this is the most randomness fact about me.. I name my cars. Currently my cars name is Morrison Winn he is a Ford windstar. Before Morrison I had Eben Civic, a honda civic, my other past car are Riley Nik a Nissan Altima, Henry Ranger a ford ranger, and my very first car Putt Putt Accord a honda accord.

Ok yes this entry is long but hey its the first and its my blog hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me and my randomness.