Wednesday, September 15, 2010

pix of the day: the mermaid, the harry pirate & the gay bro

soooo... today at work it was a little slow out in Buena Park.. and my coworkers and I at first started playing hangman... then we decided to just start drawing on the white board. and out came a comic strip about a drunk harry pirate, and typical bro who came out of the closet and a mermaid who take revenge on both.

{the whole white board}

{close up of the gay bro and his little dog and the wacky tree}

{the drunken harry pirate, who is chained to the ground. and always has a rain cloud over head}

{My mermaid with her cannon not hooka and those are bombs not balloons are radishes oh ya and her little fish too}

{the comic strip of the bro coming out of the closet}

oh good times at work today. this is what kept me awake. good ol long days this week. yay for money

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