Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pix of the Day: The Crazy things I do for my Craft

So today I thought I wasnt going to be able to get my picture of the day. No reason just was thinking what can I take that captures my day. The first thing I saw was a little girl in a stroller wearing swimming goggles and a jogging suit. And I thought to myself how perfect is this picture?? soo unique. But i could pull my cell phone out before the walked past me. I was bummed. So after a crazy fun morning of doing the boys hair and the power going out and carting Dawson off to school. I was driving back with decker and saw the coolest old cars on a tow truck I love old cars.

{So I had to drive safely fast to be able to drive right next to this. how cool a pink oldies car}

{This one was my FAV. totally 1930s right?}

So after getting back home with Rhino (Decker) the power was still out and now its almost lunch time what does a good auntie to do?? Well I thought were can Rhino have fun and I still get internet? hmmm Mickey D's of course. So grabbed my laptop and my work clothes pack the little guy in the car and off we went to Mickey D's. After a slight typicall toddler melt down over getting another batman toy, we had a good time.

{yes its a UBER cheesey smile. but I swear we had fun. Also dont you just love the hair cut??}

Dorothy met us at Mickey D's and took Rhino home. While I head off to work. Not expecting a huge big deal a work, I took it easy created some nifty pictures. As the day is winding down I get ONE last sitting. With a crazy bubbley mom. who wanted the strangest picture. And I mean strange. Her basic concept was her daughter  crawling, yes CRAWLING up the stairs reaching for the 2011. So after much work I capture it to the best of my abilities. Then she wanted the same basic concept but at a high angle. Now keep in mind out stair case at work goes about 10 feet up and of course this mom wants her daught at the top of the stairs. so  risk my life capturing this picture for this mom. Hitting my head on the metal pole hanging on the ceiling.. Here is what the picture looked like, it came out better then i hoped but not something I would ever do again.

{told you it was strange}

So folk there you have it the pictures of the day.

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