Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pix of the day: 9-10. DISNEYLAND and the HIGH

So excited for today I got to scrapbook with the bestest friend this morning got two whole layouts done. Oh I love to scrap. Then it was off to Dland for the day with my love. Just me and Brandon. First time we have be able to do that. It was really nice. We spent 6ish hours there. It was super fun. Here are some high lights.

{of having no kids mean the big roller coasters :)}

{dont mind the hot fries... I was super excited to see turtle talk with crush. I hadnt seen it yet. I was very much entertained. cannot wait to do it again. Crush you rock:)}

{I think the biggest surprise was that Brandon wanting to go on Soarin' he is afraid of heights and can get motiion sickness on rides like these. But he did it and I am proud. Good Job Babe. He didnt like it. and he had to wear the child strap because he was afraid he would fall out. the older couple next to us talked him through the whole thing it was very sweet of them.}

{Rebel Brandon: So this was Brandon first ride on the Monorail. We rode up by the driver. So awesome. and Brandon of course wanted to ride in the Captains chair. He is looking over his shoulder to make sure the captain wasnt coming back.}

After Disneyland we drove to hollywood to see Kurt in the High. Which is a improvised teen drama. Kurt did very well I am very proud to be his sister. Brandon just loved it. It was the first time he had seen Kurt do anything other then stand up. We both cant wait to go back. We had to leave before The Ledge started because it was already VERY late and I had to work the next morning. Yea a couple hours sleep is not fun. Oh well the day was!

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