Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I have been debating about blogging for quite some time. I have always end up saying no because EVERYONE who blogs is married and or has children. I have neither. But I do have things to say wether with pictures or words, I have things to say some random thoughts, sometimes its nothing special just a thought or a picture that captures my eye or mind. Or sometimes I just want to tell someone about my day So I have decided why not blog???? I enjoy reading other peoples blogs. Sometimes even people I dont even know. They entertain me more then tv does. It is like glimpsing into a real life reality show. I guess you can call me a bit ... nosey. So now I am allowing people to be a bit nosey about myself. I have decided that in this blog I am not going to censor myself because so and so might read it.. but its also not going to be a blog bashing people or just to be overly negitive. I am simply going to say it how I see it through my eyes. The good the bad the strange and the weird but mostly the everyday randomness that comes from my crazy mind. And this is just a fair warning I will make up words and I cant spell and I guarantee that there will be many typos.  So I hope you can deal with that :) I guess now I will give you ten random yet fun facts about me.
1. My name is Aimee... now that you know please spell it correctly.
2. I really do love my job even though sometimes I cant stand it. Its kind of like a relationship. It doesnt always give me what I want but I know its always there for me when I need it. Somedays I love it more then a lot. Other days I tolerate it, and the rest of the days I just want to run away from it. But all in all I really do love its crazy, manic, creative ways. Which is why I have been working there for 5 years and 3 months.
3. I am currently in a serious relationship with a man named Brandon. And just like work somedays I absolutely love him and other days I am just not in the mood to like him. But mainly I love him. :) But I know that we are headed in the same direction. And he really is my best friend.. of course along with Dorothy.
4. My favorite color is green.
5. I love photography yes it is what I do for a living. I am always learning something new from it daily. I do do my own stuff on the side mostly families and children. I dont  like weddings (in fact I wont do them) but my bestie does. www.dualshotphotography.com  Shameless plug? yes but her work is AMAZING. and its my blog and if I want to do a shameless plug so be it. And if you too impress me I may shamelessly plug you or your craft . :O
6. Someday..soon I hope. I will learn to sew. Because I have a crazy dream of owning/designing/selling my own childrens clothing line. I have the ideas written out, along with some hard copy ideas and a company name. I know who I want my business partner to be. I have a plan and everything. I just need to learn to sew.
7. As long as we are on the subject of dreams My life long dream is to be a wife, and a mother of 2.4 kids. and yes mom with "strange" names. I would want to work from home. Be able to be with my kids, cook dinner for the hubby and kids at least a couple times a week, shocker I know cook right. And just live a simple no big deal kind of life.
8. I am starting to change the way I see life. I am trying to see things as "half  full". Its not an easy task either. Since I used to be a "practically empty" kind of girl. But I am trying really hard not to be. And yes I will probably fail but I wont give up.
9. I enjoy scrapbooking. I prefer to do it with other people. I need to scrap more. Anyone care to join??
10. I think this is the most randomness fact about me.. I name my cars. Currently my cars name is Morrison Winn he is a Ford windstar. Before Morrison I had Eben Civic, a honda civic, my other past car are Riley Nik a Nissan Altima, Henry Ranger a ford ranger, and my very first car Putt Putt Accord a honda accord.

Ok yes this entry is long but hey its the first and its my blog hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me and my randomness.


  1. You need to add something to your blog....that you plan to move back to Arizona!!! Then I can teach you to sew. Love you Aimee!!!

  2. love you too mom. and yes i plan on moving back. just dont know when