Friday, October 29, 2010

Project and Pumpkins

Ok hopefully my computer/internet desides to work. Its been acting funking and its annoying as hell--o. So as you may or may not know I have been working on a really great fun project for a friend. cant tell you what it is or who its for but I cant wait to give it to them. I have superly enjoyed working on them. I will be kinda be sad and will have to find a new project. I kinda want to put up a sneek peek. i took some photos that you cant tell what I am doing or what it is. just super detailed photos. maybe I will put those up. I hope that this person like this project as much as I have enjoyed working on them. Yesterday Brandon and I finally got our pumpkin, not at a pumpkin patch that I was hoping to get it at but fun to carve and spend time with just me and Brandon. Brandon did a really good job in the carving and I like to think I did a good job in the gutting. Ya I guess most couple would have done it differently the guy gutting and the girl carving but Brandon is the artist. He did a really good job. I enjoyed watching him work. So that is enough of me babbling. Picture time:)

{Doing our jobs.. Brandon carving and me gutting}

{This finished Pumpkin all lite up. 3 Skulls. we wanted to change it up a bit but this is the first time in a long time we have both done pumpkins so just a simple one}

{I love this picture. Happy Halloween}

{One of my many projects}

{Pink flower. soo cute}

{Hot Glue gun and pink flowers}

{My little helper}

Monday, October 25, 2010

If you dont have anything nice to say...

Pretty much say it in a blog?? haha j/k. I was wondering why yet again I havent wrote on my blog lately. then i thought well maybe i just havent had anything nice to say. and since I wont put all that negitivity on the world wide web i havent written anything. Work has been soooooooo slow. barley getting hours. which is no fun. end of season is a bummer. just when i really started to enjoy work.. its taken away. well on the bright side of that i have an interview for santa plus on thrusday for the tyler mall. it for the managment postion. hopefully/prayfully i get it. i could really use a good job for a while. also i am hoping to win PCH (yes i know pathetic, but  girl can dream.) its also pathetic i had to look up the word pathetic on google to know how to spell it. not the greatest speller. a week from thrusday i will be driving to az. yay... cant wait. i miss my friends there. hopefully i get enough bussiness while i am there to support my trip. :) speaking of trip i need to call my mom. also i have what just over a week to finish my project for a friend of mine in az. and i need to go baby shopping for Z's baby. and buy new work shoes. as mine have holes in them. baby shopping is more fun. so other then work or lack there of i have been doing a whole lotta notta. off to baby shopping. and project doing. speaking of which i need to call my dad.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weddings and housesitting and life

Its been a while since I posted anything. oooops... I have been busy or havent had internet or much to say. So as you know I cut my hair. Chopped those locks. I also spent a week with out internet. I have no idea how I survived. I was housesitting my aunt and she doesnt have internet. strange I know. but I did fall in love with her dog. Clinger. And lastly this last monday one of my Best friends got married. Let me show you my last couple of weeks through pictures.
{chopping off my locks}

{and the first cut}

{all my hair ready to be mailed}

{me with short hair}

{KR and J's wedding}

{So sweet}

{One of my favs}

So there is a quick update from me to you. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A day without my Cellphone

Just a quick question how would you fair a whole day out of the house with out your cell phone by your side???
I forgot mine today but was already not running on time to work... so i went to work without it. and well i get a little OCD about know what time it is all the time. that was the hardest thing for me was not knowing what time it was. i think my anxiety level was at a 5. i managed without my phone but it wasnt easy. its funny how used to something you can get.
i think everyone should try going an entire work day without their phone. it aint easy but it made me actually not seclude myself from my coworkers. but believe me i wont forget it again :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting ready

Getting ready for some COUSIN time... I havent seen them in over a year. I get to meet my new baby Cousins Gavin and Kailynn (pronounce Ky-Lyn) so  beyond excited. I am sitting in Ocean Beach at my Aunt Cathy's kitchen table. enjoying great convo. In one hour I get to see them cute babies. yay.

Also yes I did cut my hair... its super short. the pictures are actually with my bestest friend. back home. so later tonight i will upload to the blog.

 I have been soo busy lately with work. I spent tuesday in garden grove it was 105.. are you kinding me.. by the beach. not only was it 105 the room we were in no AC.. no windows. I was dying. it was cooler outside then inside i was dying for a slurpee ALL day. i finally got one. It was gone faster then any drink i have ever drank.

Wednesday and Thrusday I was in Blythe. Which sounds bad i know. but the school has the best AC. and are sooo nice. the bad thing about Blythe... everything closes at 8pm. are you kidding me?? haha. I had a great time in blythe.

Yesterday (friday) I chopped off all my hair, i will be donating it soon, Thank you Candice. I LOVE it. Then Kake and I drove to San Diego. Now hanging out with Aunt and Uncle. Last night we saw my cousins band play I filmed in on my phone I will upload those later too. Not the greatest quality. but hopefully sounds good.

Today I am about to get ready then off to the park for a GREAT FAMILY PICNIC