Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting ready

Getting ready for some COUSIN time... I havent seen them in over a year. I get to meet my new baby Cousins Gavin and Kailynn (pronounce Ky-Lyn) so  beyond excited. I am sitting in Ocean Beach at my Aunt Cathy's kitchen table. enjoying great convo. In one hour I get to see them cute babies. yay.

Also yes I did cut my hair... its super short. the pictures are actually with my bestest friend. back home. so later tonight i will upload to the blog.

 I have been soo busy lately with work. I spent tuesday in garden grove it was 105.. are you kinding me.. by the beach. not only was it 105 the room we were in no AC.. no windows. I was dying. it was cooler outside then inside i was dying for a slurpee ALL day. i finally got one. It was gone faster then any drink i have ever drank.

Wednesday and Thrusday I was in Blythe. Which sounds bad i know. but the school has the best AC. and are sooo nice. the bad thing about Blythe... everything closes at 8pm. are you kidding me?? haha. I had a great time in blythe.

Yesterday (friday) I chopped off all my hair, i will be donating it soon, Thank you Candice. I LOVE it. Then Kake and I drove to San Diego. Now hanging out with Aunt and Uncle. Last night we saw my cousins band play I filmed in on my phone I will upload those later too. Not the greatest quality. but hopefully sounds good.

Today I am about to get ready then off to the park for a GREAT FAMILY PICNIC

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