Friday, October 29, 2010

Project and Pumpkins

Ok hopefully my computer/internet desides to work. Its been acting funking and its annoying as hell--o. So as you may or may not know I have been working on a really great fun project for a friend. cant tell you what it is or who its for but I cant wait to give it to them. I have superly enjoyed working on them. I will be kinda be sad and will have to find a new project. I kinda want to put up a sneek peek. i took some photos that you cant tell what I am doing or what it is. just super detailed photos. maybe I will put those up. I hope that this person like this project as much as I have enjoyed working on them. Yesterday Brandon and I finally got our pumpkin, not at a pumpkin patch that I was hoping to get it at but fun to carve and spend time with just me and Brandon. Brandon did a really good job in the carving and I like to think I did a good job in the gutting. Ya I guess most couple would have done it differently the guy gutting and the girl carving but Brandon is the artist. He did a really good job. I enjoyed watching him work. So that is enough of me babbling. Picture time:)

{Doing our jobs.. Brandon carving and me gutting}

{This finished Pumpkin all lite up. 3 Skulls. we wanted to change it up a bit but this is the first time in a long time we have both done pumpkins so just a simple one}

{I love this picture. Happy Halloween}

{One of my many projects}

{Pink flower. soo cute}

{Hot Glue gun and pink flowers}

{My little helper}

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