Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween and the likes

So happy November folks can you believe its only one month and 20 days until CHRISTMAS. and only 20 days until we eat soo much food we can prolly feed a starving nation for a year????? yuuuuuummmmmy thanksgiving. so once again its been too long since I have posted. My house is sick. yep the whole dang house except little monster and me. I escaped to AZ for my vacation. So that is where I am blogging from. I hope by the time I get home EVERYONE is feeling better and littlest  monster doesnt get sick. I had  a good halloween my sister had her halloween/housewarming party.. that was good times. The boy and I carved pumpkins. The bestie, her hubby and the monsters and I went to Mosiac Inland Halloween Fling. And its safe to say the monsters had fun and got WAY to much candy. Then the boy and I went to his house and handed out treats. so good day :) Then I finished my crafts and sooo excited to give them to the person. packed for my trip, got a new job and now I am safely in AZ. Anyways here is some fun samples of the last week.

{I forgot to mention Kake and Friends put on a scary maze at her house. And it was great. Good Job Candice and Kake}

{Kake and Natalie as Luigu and Mario}

{I love Hugs from my Big Brother and the Boy}

{The Sibs.}

{Cheers to Stacey and Mikes New Beautiful House}

{The Big Monster aka Woody}

{The Littlest Monster aka Buzz}

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