Friday, November 26, 2010

Lots of doing..

Whew Christmas Season is here... And I have lots to do :) But this makes me happy... really it does... I am crazy busy editing pictures.. and working.  I barely see my bestie whom i live with and the monsters.. even less so. The boy I see maybe once a week. And my family forget about it. haha i miss them though. Hoping to see at least my sister, her man and the princess this week. I misss church alot... but I am hanging out with santa everyday. :) and santa know the true meaning of christmas isnt that great.  i love santa.. he is super great. I also recently moved.. the internet hasnt been turned on yet so i steal or rather borrow the malls wifi. I it works in our breakroom/ storage room. yay... so here is a sneak peak on some pictures I edited during my break.
{Fatherly love}

I thought I had more ready to go but alas I dont. But enjoy that one :) gotta get back to santa now.

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