Sunday, November 14, 2010


8 years ago i met a women named Nelma. She quickly become like a grandmother to me. I lived with her for 18 months and shared many great memories with her. From her falling asleep in her blue chair that always tipped over to camping with her. And those birds she loved. This past few months have been hard on her. And sadly today she let go of this world. Its hard to write this and not tear up. She is or i guess rather was an amazing woman. She may be remember as fiesty and not easy to get along with. But once she fell in love with you there was no leaving Grandmas heart. Through the fights and the curse words you knew that she only ment well. life wont be the same without her and I will miss her greatly but I am also glad she isnt suffering anymore. Grandma i hope your enjoying heaven with your daughter. And you and Karen dont cause too much trouble. I love you Nelma Jean Littleton. Always

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