Monday, July 18, 2011

Just a Note

Dear Brien,
Gosh darn I miss the heck out of you. Yesterday was the womens FIFA world cup, and I wonder if soccer fever would have caught you too. Who am I kidding? Soccers a sport and your a sport nut. So much is going on in my life and I wish I had you to talk to. Or at least you would talk back. But mostly all I want to tell you is that I miss you and I love you. Sometimes I read this little blog I have set up to get a good cry because sometimes my tears come from words I spoke outta of saddness. And for some reason I feel closer to you writing this blog. I hope you have internet in heaven so you can read this too. I cant believe you have been out of my life for nearly 10 and a half years. I could catch you up on all you missed but you already have the best seat in the house. This is just a note to say I love you.
Always and forever your big sis,