Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And at it again

So I have been a little bummed these past 3 days or so.. but I have decided not to let it get me down. As hard as it is. But I know God has better plans for me. I was wondering when I woke up today where the heck did the time go?? Its freakin Nov 30th. Tomorrow it the first day of the last month of 2010. I just got used to saying 2010 and now in 32 days its going to be 2011?? (side note I almost wrote 2010 again oops) I have a jammed packed first week of december, Today busy working on pictures I NEED to get out this week. Good thing I am almost done with the last order, just a couple of tweeks to do on the others, then bank today, blog of course, laundry, start on the other two orders, unpack, figure out how I am going to arrange my room, get my boyfriends xmas list to give to my mother to give to his secret santa, look for a job,buy xmas shirts for pictures tomorrow hopefully disneyland with the boyfriend, at dland taking my xmas pictures by the amazingly wonderful photographer Dorothy, enjoy disneyland, maybe make it back in time for some crafting at mosiac, thrusday, more editing, clean the bathroom, more unpacking, hanging pictures, work on my xmas cards, post office, grocery shopping, dinner with stacey and mike and the beautiful smart wonderful niece of mine Maddie, Friday, editing, unpacking, xmas cards, maybe hang with my monsters, Saturday taking my sister, stacey and mike and maddie's xmas pictures, edit a few for her cards, nicoles cards (got to work on them before that too), everyones cards tweeks, Kake's 20th birthday party :), Sunday church THANK THE LORD i get to go :) somewhere in there i have to make a costume for kake's party for me and brandon. and do lots of editing. anything I am missing??? i feel like it. haha. So here is a sneak peek of another family's pictures. Yay.

{I love when moments like this happen when I photograph, simple truly them moments. This picture makes me smile}

{Ok so this is a totally different edit for me.. I like it. Hopefully others do too. Let me know what you think}

{Serioulsy Kid your a heartbreaker with those eyes. :) }

{Family moments captured are perfect moments caught}

{Yes I have posted this one before but doesnt it deserve another looksee??}

Well back to the grind folks, No bumming for me. Even if I dont know how I am going to make it through. I can see a light. God is my strength.

Friday, November 26, 2010

As promised

So I have been a good girl and I am working soo hard on these pictures. Here is another quick sneak peek...
{Railroad Boy}

{this was one of my favs.. I just love Bubba's little face and the lets go look}

{if ever a picture told a story of a boy.. its this one. Bubba loves trains more then any kid I have ever met}

{I love this family, they got that urban family look down. }

So thats my sneaky peeky.
I have a headache. Boo headaches... ok back to editing and work I go. I hope you enjoy!

Lots of doing..

Whew Christmas Season is here... And I have lots to do :) But this makes me happy... really it does... I am crazy busy editing pictures.. and working.  I barely see my bestie whom i live with and the monsters.. even less so. The boy I see maybe once a week. And my family forget about it. haha i miss them though. Hoping to see at least my sister, her man and the princess this week. I misss church alot... but I am hanging out with santa everyday. :) and santa know the true meaning of christmas isnt that great.  i love santa.. he is super great. I also recently moved.. the internet hasnt been turned on yet so i steal or rather borrow the malls wifi. I it works in our breakroom/ storage room. yay... so here is a sneak peak on some pictures I edited during my break.
{Fatherly love}

I thought I had more ready to go but alas I dont. But enjoy that one :) gotta get back to santa now.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Kids and Puppies my two Favorite things

Kids and Puppies and Christmas are some of my favorite things and I got to photograph ALL three on sunday. Which totally made my weekend. Here is a little sneak peak. Enjoy:)
{Puppies... what good dogs they are and The Bartz family Christmas tree is AMAZING}

{Sometime it is all about the kids:) Love this family. K is such a good big brother to L:) }

Sunday, November 14, 2010


8 years ago i met a women named Nelma. She quickly become like a grandmother to me. I lived with her for 18 months and shared many great memories with her. From her falling asleep in her blue chair that always tipped over to camping with her. And those birds she loved. This past few months have been hard on her. And sadly today she let go of this world. Its hard to write this and not tear up. She is or i guess rather was an amazing woman. She may be remember as fiesty and not easy to get along with. But once she fell in love with you there was no leaving Grandmas heart. Through the fights and the curse words you knew that she only ment well. life wont be the same without her and I will miss her greatly but I am also glad she isnt suffering anymore. Grandma i hope your enjoying heaven with your daughter. And you and Karen dont cause too much trouble. I love you Nelma Jean Littleton. Always

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Craft

 So this quick blog entry is about my crafts.. all the ones I have been working at lately. :) and since the gift has been given I can post real pictures of it. and also a quick sneak peek of the sessions I had this weekend.

{Dancing with Daddy}

{Off to Texas}


{Bubba and Sissy feet}

{Close up of the letter N block}

{K for Kensley and Kaydence. Hair bow holder}

{Kensley's blocks}

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween and the likes

So happy November folks can you believe its only one month and 20 days until CHRISTMAS. and only 20 days until we eat soo much food we can prolly feed a starving nation for a year????? yuuuuuummmmmy thanksgiving. so once again its been too long since I have posted. My house is sick. yep the whole dang house except little monster and me. I escaped to AZ for my vacation. So that is where I am blogging from. I hope by the time I get home EVERYONE is feeling better and littlest  monster doesnt get sick. I had  a good halloween my sister had her halloween/housewarming party.. that was good times. The boy and I carved pumpkins. The bestie, her hubby and the monsters and I went to Mosiac Inland Halloween Fling. And its safe to say the monsters had fun and got WAY to much candy. Then the boy and I went to his house and handed out treats. so good day :) Then I finished my crafts and sooo excited to give them to the person. packed for my trip, got a new job and now I am safely in AZ. Anyways here is some fun samples of the last week.

{I forgot to mention Kake and Friends put on a scary maze at her house. And it was great. Good Job Candice and Kake}

{Kake and Natalie as Luigu and Mario}

{I love Hugs from my Big Brother and the Boy}

{The Sibs.}

{Cheers to Stacey and Mikes New Beautiful House}

{The Big Monster aka Woody}

{The Littlest Monster aka Buzz}