Monday, October 25, 2010

If you dont have anything nice to say...

Pretty much say it in a blog?? haha j/k. I was wondering why yet again I havent wrote on my blog lately. then i thought well maybe i just havent had anything nice to say. and since I wont put all that negitivity on the world wide web i havent written anything. Work has been soooooooo slow. barley getting hours. which is no fun. end of season is a bummer. just when i really started to enjoy work.. its taken away. well on the bright side of that i have an interview for santa plus on thrusday for the tyler mall. it for the managment postion. hopefully/prayfully i get it. i could really use a good job for a while. also i am hoping to win PCH (yes i know pathetic, but  girl can dream.) its also pathetic i had to look up the word pathetic on google to know how to spell it. not the greatest speller. a week from thrusday i will be driving to az. yay... cant wait. i miss my friends there. hopefully i get enough bussiness while i am there to support my trip. :) speaking of trip i need to call my mom. also i have what just over a week to finish my project for a friend of mine in az. and i need to go baby shopping for Z's baby. and buy new work shoes. as mine have holes in them. baby shopping is more fun. so other then work or lack there of i have been doing a whole lotta notta. off to baby shopping. and project doing. speaking of which i need to call my dad.

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