Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monster Day.

Today was fun. I got to babysit my two little monsters. I love my monsters. We had a great day.. low key but fun. We spent the day at Brandons house swimming. Brandon is soo good with the boys. Helped me get them and their stuff ready to go. We went to two store looking for another pair of floaties.. and even though it was 105 out no store had them cuz its "autumn" . ya no it isnt its a long summer. so luckily DJ isnt huge on getting in the pool. So instead of saying how my day went I am gonna do what I do best and show you how my day was.
{Bugs loves the water, he was swimming away}

{waving to Candi... he loved this water tube.}

{Brandon helping DJ get Bugs soaked. haha. such a fatherly figure right?}

{this is pretty much the farthest DJ got it but he sure did love kickin'}

{Mr GQ watching his brother swim}

{look at that cheese ball smile}

{more help from Brandon}

{relaxing Monster}

{yep Monster found the water gun}

{Dawson Loved getting thrown in by Brandon}

{this one is a model... except he hates the camera}

{its me and my Bugaboo, I am teaching him to float on his back. He wasnt so sure}

{DJ being DJ}

{trying out the hose on his own}

{that sly little smile.. that is soo him. and also reminds me of Brandon}

{My brave  Bugs... he loves jumping in. Next step take away the floaties :) }

What a great day. today was. After swimming we drove through carls jr for dinner. Bugs enjoyed his meal toy and his puzzles before bedtime. DJ opted to watch Princess and the Frog with me instead. Then we all got ready for bed. the boys in their PJ i read them a story. Kinda fitting called Monsters Picnic. Well I hope everyone elses sunday was amazing like mine I love my boys.

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