Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Weekend

Ya I posting this late.. oh well. So i actually had a weekend off... saturday AND sunday. I always get sundays off {for now} but saturday i never get off. So brandon took me sailing with his buddy John who owns the boat. Super exciting. Prolly one of the best days of my life :) I even got to drive the boat.

{All the boats docked up. When we started sailing it was a bit or rather a lot a bit gloomy}

{This is me driving the boat. I didnt crash. Yay!}

{Brandon wanting to drive soo bad.. so I let him. how nice of me}

{we sail next to the queen mary. which is always nice to look at}

{these kite surfers were everywhere. i was afraid i was gonna hit them and how sad would that be}

{open waters}

{Me and brandon.. enjoying one of the best days ever}

{this was prolly the scariest part.. standing at the front of the boat while it was moving. luckily we were about to dock so we werent going fast}

{My loves turn.. he has his sea legs.. notice he isnt holding on to anything}

{both of us together at the front of the boat. whoo hoo great day sailing. thanks John}

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