Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 2: Baby Brien

So I have been sitting here trying to remember Brien as a baby, but being as how I was almost 3 when he was born, I dont remember much. I remember having the chicken pox. but thats not a memory of Brien. One thing i do remember is my mom and aunt cathy dressing Brien and cousin Wesley up in their baseball outfits. Brien in tried and true Dodger Blue, Wesley in a brown Padre outfit. Brien and Wesley are only weeks apart from each other and they are both child #3. I remember looking at them thinking how cute they were, but Brien looks so much cuter because he is in the Dodger outfit. What can I say we were brainwashed even as young babies to be Dodger fans, just like the San Deigo cousins were brainwashed to be Padre fans. Of course most of my memories at this age are fragments of memories. But its nice to be able to look at photos of Brien as a baby. I wish I had that first picture of Brien and Wesley in their baseball gear. I know there are a ton of photos of Brien and Wesley in said gear at many different stages in their lifes. And even now anytime Wesley wears/cheers for the Padres I know Brien is up in Heaven cheering even louder for the Dodger.
Well I hope you enjoy these pictures of Brien as a baby. Keep in mind they are the greatest photos, being as how they are pictures of pictures. and the fact that they were taken in the 80's.

{Brien Andrew such a cute baby}

{Brien Andrew two weeks old}

{Brien at 2 months old}

{Easter 1987, Brien is the baby in the middle, with big brother Kyle
and big sister Aimee(me) with the chicken pox}

{Brien's first Easter}

{Baby Brien stretches}

{Brien with cousin Courtney}

{Just look at that smile}

{Brien at around 5 or 6 months, playing with his toys}

Well thats the memory I have for today. Dont forget to tell me your memories of Brien. Small or big.

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