Thursday, January 20, 2011

Being Productive, Job and Blog Change

I have been very productive these last two days. I guess not having wifi well do that to me. I finally after 8 years of keeping most of my stuff in boxes I unpacked, yes ALL of it. I have some idea  of where everything will go. I just need to get shelves and the likes. But I am glad I can finally say I dont own a single moving box. Everything, if it doesnt already have a "home", are in neat piles against my wall until it finds its perminate home. I also did ALL my laundry, which ended up being 7 loads plus bedding. Random thing is I own alot of work out gear for someone that doesnt work out. But I will. Thinking about doing yoga with my aunt. Having cleaned my room I then decided that i could actually vacuum. Then doing that I though why not the bathroom, once that was done I said why not clean up the monsters playroom and then of course vacuum. Then once that was done I though why not the monsters bedroom. Then I thought hey their bedding can use a good wash too. Then i thought why sit down the living room could use a good vacuum and pick up too. I think Bestie had the same idea so we also have  a clean kitchen, dishes, front room and the bestie and her hubby have a clean master bedroom. It was a  house full of productivness.
Funny side note, Dawson at dinner wanted to pray and in his prayer he said "And thank you God, for cleaning my two rooms..." LOL. Is it bad that I said that cleaned them. Haha. Maybe it was God who gave me the extra push to get so much done.
On Tuesday I also got a phone call from my old job with LNSS, rehiring me. Which is great newsbut I'm not completley done looking for other work I want a job with better hours and more stable while I'm greatful for the job I would really like a grown up job.
And one last thing in all my rambling, I decided to do a blog daily about Brien until at least Feb 15th. I would really love other to get involved by sending me pictures and memories that they may have with Brien. While I can prolly have the pictures and the memories to last until then it would be nice to show what he ment to others. It will be a daily blog. Starting today.
{Brien's Last Christmas, 2000}

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