Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 5: Cousins

Growing up my extended family was a big part of mine and my siblings life. Alot of my memories of Brien involve my cousins as well. Here are just a few
  • Brien loved hanging out with his cousins Casey and Wesley, anytime we went down to San Deigo Brien and Kyle were always eager to stay at Aunt Cathy's house to spend hours upon hours playing video games and just being boys. Whenever we went to hang out with them after spending the night at my Aunt Joni's you could be sure you would see the boys playing video games are watching Casey and Wesley play the drums and guitar.
  • During the summers, I remember spending hours with Brien and the rest of my siblings and cousins in my Aunt Joni's pool.
  • We spent  alot of time with my cousins Annie and Sarah, they went to church with us and spent a lot of friday nights at our house, or vise versa. We would be super heroes or set up hunted house in our bedrooms.
  • Holiday were always fun and crazy and crowded. Lots of present opening and laughing and talking. Brien of course being the center of attention.

Cousins are a big part of my memories with Brien. I could go on and on. But pictures are so much nicer to look at so here are just a few .

{Brien with his sister Stacey and cousin Matt}

{Brien with his older cousin Sarah and cousin Annie}

{The family and friends and cousin Michele wedding, Brien front row gray blue shirt}

{Close up of same picture, you can Brien better}

{The family at cousin Amanda's wedding, Brien the little guy in the back}

{Again close up of same picure you can see Brien now, still the little guy in the back, white shirt}

{Christmas at my dads house, of course Brien is wearing his beloved well worn Cowboys jersey}

{Brien in the front row, dodgers shirt, with our Franck cousins}

{Brien again in the dodger shirt, with more of our Franck cousins}

{The San Deigo cousins, Brien in the red shirt on the couch}

{Playing NFLopoly with cousin Wesley and Casey and brother Kyle.
Brien is on the Left in Cowboy hat}

{Brien in the back center on Christmas with brother Kurt,
cousin Justin, cousin Matt, and sister Katie and Kake}

{Closer of the same picture, Brien on Left, with Kurt and Justin}

{More christmas time with siblings and cousins,
Brien is in the blue shirt front row}

{Brien with brother Kurt, sister Stacey and cousins Casey
and Wesley, Brien is in the back red shirt and black jacket}

{The two trouble makers, Wes and Brien}

{Playing together as always Brien and Wes}

{Hanging out at Nana Tontos with cousins
 Sarah and Annie. Brien is 3rd from left}

Well there is just some of the memories and pictures of Brien with his cousin. I am sure my cousins have a million more memories and pictures with Brien. What was your favorite memory my dear cousins.


  1. I have a couple of awesome memories of little B! One is watching him on commercials...especially the coke? one with the frog...and the little ceasars pizza commercial too. I would always brag about my movie star cousin Brien. I also will always cherish going to Robb Field in OB and shootin hoops with the little guy. We were both in love with the game of bball and we will forever have that bond! I also was always the one chick stuck at home with Kyle, Brien, Casey, Wesley and sometimes Kurt too! What a riot it was to see those guys get competitive about some lame soccer or hockey video game! I gotta admit every once in a while I hopped in the action and it was good to be on Brien's team...he knew strategy! Sending love to my #3 Baller!!!

  2. I almost forgot...I was playing lacrosse for UOP at the time of Brien's death....I wore that awesome #3 wristband for every game for the rest of my career! I know it brought me good luck and I know he was looking down proud of me kicking butt on the field!

  3. omg aimee this made me cry SO much. i actually have that pic of all of us on the couch and was gonna send it to u. great minds think alike : )
    i have so many memories with brien. too many to name. i remember playing flag football out in front of ur house. even tho it was a small front yard we still had a blast. i remember playing video games at ur house ALL the time! i remember running into the bedroom and stepping in dog crap : ( hahahaha it wasnt funny then but its funny now. there were so many church plays we were all in and church events that we all spent together. we were all so close when we were younger. i miss it. i miss the bond that us cousins had. we could have taken on the world. we were fearless.