Thursday, December 23, 2010

Toys are bought where are the elves to wrap it??

Yesterday the boy and I finished all of our christmas shopping and within budget. which is important when your jobless. We even managed to get a few extra trinkets for the monsters, monkies and princesses. Although I wish I had the money to get the them all those big ticket items..  but I managed to get them some cute things. Michaels had the best deals, we had to take Maddies gift back to walmart since that little princess has everything and already had the gift. So we got our money back and looked at walmart but I wanted to get her something she would really enjoy. So we headed off to michaels and bought you three craft items for the price of the one toy from walmart :) This kid is going to be crafty. I am really excited in what I bought her. Best part all three items were on clearance what should have cost me at least 40 plus dollars cost me half that including tax.
We even got the monsters one more toy each. I feel really good about the gift I got. Now I am just wondering where the elfs are to wrap all the gifts.... wait what??? no elves??? ugh good thing brandon is coming over to help. being as how our Christmas starts tomorrow at noon.
Also today the monsters, the bestie, possibly the boy, hopefully maddie and I will be making my moms sugar cookies... by my moms I mean her recipe of course.  Then Brandon and I are going to go to look at christmas lights in Rancho. Maybe even bring Maddie along. Then tomorrow we start our christmas with my dad, jan and the whole gang.  So Merry Christmas Eve's Eve.

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