Sunday, December 12, 2010

ahhh its too close to christmas

So at one point i was very excited for christmas and all the fun it brings. now I am just sad I cant spoil my two little monsters and my niece. I really just want to buy them what they want.. or what i want them to want. but being jobless and as of right now no potentional job openings i cant do that. *sigh* luckily i started christmas shoppping early and got some stuff for them.

{the monsters decorating the tree}

I am however greatful for my amazing clients who have continued to book appointments and give me a little cash.. to get through :) that being said i am up to my eyeballs in christmas edits to do.  that being said... i must get back to them. exspecially if people want them before christmas :)
{the trees on euclid and walnut.. gone but not forgotten}

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