Tuesday, December 14, 2010

christmas cards out the wazoooo

whew.. i think i can say i am official done making christmas cards.. i finished the last of the choices and email them to a client. (hopefully no changes will need to be made). I got my cards in today so that was exciting. now to write a little note for each person.. make it a little more personable. hope that touches someones heart. i am trying really really hard to be in a holiday mood.. but its hard. i am sorely dissapointed in myself for that.. but i guess right now its just really hard. it seems as though christmas is still far away but its only next week or something. the last two christmases i have been very buh hum bugie. i used to love christmas now it seems to just disapoint. which makes me sad. i did however watch a few christmas movies while editing. dont get me wrong i am no scrooge.. i just a little sad over this holiday. all i want for christmas is a job. is that too much to ask for??? ok enough wallowing.
i watch DJ today he was such a good boy. we had a good time. he basically just sat by me and did his "homework" while i worked on pictures man that kid is smart. learning to write letters at three. he gets soo excited to write it right. a big huge grin comes across his face. love moments like that.
tomorrow i am hoping to get even more in the spirit of christmas by going to the happiest place on earth to reward myself for finishing all my projects on time (even early actually). I really want to see its a small world all done up and the raindeer and the snow. i am trying to convice myself that christmas isnt about gifts and that my neice and nephew will be happy no matter what but i really just want to hand them the world. isnt that what aunties are for???
ok enough about poor ol me. want see a picture????
{me and my love... one of my favs then again i had 30 favs... see what ones i choose for my cards when you get my card :) I really like the way my cards turned out thank you Dorothy for taking our pictures}

well just in case you were wondering its 11 almost 10 days until christmas. so merry christmas fellow bloggers.

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