Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 27: Shattered

Ten years ago today I learned a very hard lesson, the lesson that yes it can happen to you too. Ten years ago today I lost my little brother Brien and two great friends Katie and Curtis. They went out to a basketball game at Ontario High. Loaded themselves in the back seat of Katie's parents car with Joe and Katy(Katie's mom and dad) in the front seats. It was just another typical teenage trip, not going but 2 miles away. Yet they didnt even get that far, about 3 blocks in, the first light they came to. Their lives, our lives were forever changed. When a man decided to run a red light and hit the car my brother and friends were in. Katie, Brien and Curtis were killed on impact. In an instant my life forever changed. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Being woken from a nap, my mom saying that Brien had been an accident, rushing to the hospital, somehow hearing the news. Going to my dads, waking up Kurt. Telling Kurt the news. Holding Kurt in my arms as we both cried. Running hard and fast to anywhere but there. Somehow found myself walking with Mike. Calling Kristin. And then walking walking for hours with what was left of the neighbourhood kids. Just walking all night. Not sleeping, just walking. My life fell in to a million pieces. Shattered, broken, lost. I felt like that that day. I lost so much that night, my brother, my friends, my hero, and a part of me. Ten years sometimes feels like a lifetime ago, sometimes it feels like yesterday. Today will be a hard day, I have already cried many times. Today will be a day to remember all the joy that those 3 beautiful people gave this world in their short lives. I am so very grateful that Brien saved my life and dragged my out to play when I was 13. I got to meet and become friends with Katie and Curtis. And I wouldnt changed that for the world. I miss them so much and love them even more. 


  1. thank you for sharing Aimee--their memories will live on through your stories and love. Your blog is beautiful