Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 13: Brother

Brien was seriously a great brother to have. He was so caring for his siblings, he was fun, he was the charmer, and funny. I loved being his big sister. You really couldnt be mad a Brien very long, he seemed to always charm his way outta trouble. He had the biggest heart in everything he did. He was my own personal hero, he helped me out of my doom and darkened room to play outside, meet new people and have fun.
Here is to the greatest brother ever. I love you BAM BAM!

{The Maloney Brothers, left to right, Kurt, Brien, and Kyle}

{Christmas 1990, left to right, Brien, Aimee hoding Kake, Kurt, Kyle in back row}

{At my Dad and Jan's wedding, front row left to right, Kake, Brien, Katie, Kurt. Back row left to right Stacey, Kyle and Aimee. Yes note that Brien is shorter then his little brother Kurt and little stepsister Katie}

{Goofy kids; front row left to right, Kake, Brien and Katie. Back row Aimee, Kurt, Stacey and Kyle}

{Sisters plus Brien, Kake and Aimee and Brien on the couch sleeping}

{Family vaca to AZ, left to right, Kurt, Aimee, Katie, Kyle holding Aaron, Stacey, Brien and Kake}

{more from the AZ trip; left to right, Kurt, Kake, Katie, Stacey, Aimee, Kyle and Brien}

{Pool time. Little sisters Katie and Kake in back Brien on left Kurt with arms stretch out}

{The first day of school, left to right, Katie, Kurt, Brien and Kake}

{Kurt's party, Brien on left and Kurt next to him}

{Hillveiw acres; Kyle and Brien and Katie. Please be advised Brien is NOT a padre fan, he prolly just came from a baseball game where he played on the Padre team. Just had to note that for all my San Deigo family}

{The blondes. Katie, Brien and Kake}

{Scandia Brien and Kurt on left side, Aaron and Kake on right}

{Saying hello, Kurt and Brien closest to us, Kake waving and the very tops of Aarons head}

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