Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 14: School

Brien may have not been the smartest in his class but I would bet anything he was the most popular. He was def the jokster and comdian. I bet his teachers had a hard time not letting him slide on a few things just because he brought up the classroom  moral. I remember that Brien always had a million friends at school, and he didnt just hang out with the "in" crowd. He befriended anyone that wanted to be his friend. I know that one of his jr high teachers sure did let him slide on his reading (Brien hated to read), where the rest of the class had to read a book, Brien was allowed to read the sports paper. The teacher didnt care as long as he read. I think that Brien's charm and upbeat attitude had a lot to do with the teachers decision. I remember one time when Brien was in elemetary school may the 7th grade where they had to do a school project, Brien brought his friends over to work and the kids were getting very bored with the project and then Brien started goofing around and for some reason that got the job done, the project was completed. Here are the pictures I have of Brien in school.

{I believe this was his 2nd school photo, super cheesy grin}

{Brien's 4th grade school photo}

{Student of the month, Brien in red shirt}

{Brien and his 5th grade teacher Ms. Rogers}

{In the classroom playing games, Brien is the one looking at the camera}

{Preschool Photo}

{First day of school photo}

{Student Body, Brien is in the middle kneeling looking back at Mr F}

{DARE speakers, Brien is front row on right with the sly I didnt do it smile}

{This is the jacket that he really wanted for christmas, which I somehow lost}

{Brien with some of his friends at school, Brien on right}

{6th grade graduation. Brien looking at camera}

{Brien's last ever school picture, 8th grade}

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