Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 23: Spotlight ~ Kaitlyn aka Kake

Here is the Spotlight on my baby sister Kaitlyn aka Kake. When I read this it made me cry a little.
In the words of Kake

So.. I was only ten when Brien died which means I don't have many memories of him. The ones i do remember however are the ones I will cherish forever. I remember playing basketball with him and things like kick the can. It was crazy though, cause whenever we went to Dad's he would just dissapear over to Katie's or Curtis' house. Oh but I do remember dark tag and sock wars (even though we weren't supposed to play... sorry dad n jan but we were rebels) but the BIGGEST memory of all wasn't during his life.. but after... the crash site and the funeral... the crash site i remember the most vivid.. I was with my dad and Kurt and we were going to get me some gloves for my awana olympics tug of war competition. we passed by and there it was.. the accident. We had NO idea it was Brien in that car with Katie and Curtis but i knew something wasn't right. I remember looking at Kurt and saying "That's gonna be in the news" not know I too would be in the news grieving over my lost loved ones.. Needless to say I got my gloves and ended up winning the competition in Brien's name. Anyways I wrote this poem maybe a couple of weeks after the accident..

Don't Forget
by Kaitlyn Maloney

As I lay here thinking of my brother

Remembering in an instant he was dead

Seeing the deadly impact of the crash

It is constantly running through my head

People act like nothing really happened

They continue to live their lives

Rushing to get from one place to another

As if everyone lives and nobody dies

But your time may come sooner than you think

Or you may become older than you wish

Whatever the case, don't take life for granite

Treat it as you would a fragile dish

Tell people you love that you really love them

Don't forget, for I forgot to tell him

To Brien:

I love you and miss you more than words will ever be able to describe.. I wonder everyday what you would be like, what I would be like if you were around. But I know who I am because of you. Through my struggles of dealing with your death.. I became me.
{Brien and Kake}

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