Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 16: Spotlight - Jan

This next memory was sent to me by my stepmom, Jan.
Love Briens 8th grade picture.... There is a story behind it. One night at youth group there was a band playing... Fire Proof, they had cd's, shirts, and jewlery to sell. Brien kept asking me for something, with 7 kids I knew we would have to by everyone something, I kept saying no.. well I finally gave in. Also, we never bought school pictures due to the cost with 7 kids. After Brien went to be with the Lord our friends came by and they had gotten us Briens 8th grade picture.... God is so awesome, Brien had on the neckless that we bought him that night at youth group... God was letting us know that everything was okay.. Everytime I see that picture I tear up.. Thanking God for his promises....
{Brien's 8th grade school picture}

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