Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 19: Holidays part 1 ~ Easter

Holidays have always been a huge deal at my houses(yes two, joys of divorced parents). Easter was no exception. At my dads house We would get all dressed up for church and usually have a really good lunch family would come over and we would hunt for eggs and our baskets. And as you could imagine the house got pretty crazy with my dad and Jan's 7 children plus the cousin. But it was always fun. At my moms house it was even crazier add one more kid, money prizes and a theme. Thing got out of control for the weak hearted. I am sure some of you are stuck on the word "theme". Yep we had a different easter theme every year. Before easter we would paint dozens upon dozens of eggs. The main eggs that were a MUST to have every year, name egg(each kid painted their own egg with their name on it), the golden egg and the fools gold egg. After all the eggs are done being painted mom and Alan write numbers on them, each number is a set amount of money usualy ranging between 1 cent and 5 dollars(only one egg is worth that much sometimes more) on top of the real eggs we use plastic as well. Inside the plastic eggs are questions or sayings that are worth plus or minus money. All those questions and saying have to do with a theme, mario, sports, basically whatver the family has been into together.The kids would never know what the theme was until Easter, Alan would even dress the  part sometimes with a script in hand. Easter was always so much fun between both houses I think I can safely say  we made out with a ton of cash and lots and lots of hours of egg hunting.
Brien was very animated about the whole deal. If he won 5 cents he would be happy and joyfull if he lost money he would make some sort of face. Easter has never really been the same without him. Sadly we dont really do any of these practices anymore, partly because we are older and partly because its just not the same. Here are some photos of our Easters together
{Easter 2000, Briens last: From left to right going around the table clockwise, Kake, Brien(adio shirt) Kyle, Kurt, Aimee, Mom, and Stacey}

{Same year: Clockwise starting with stacey looking over her shoulder, Kake, Brien, Kyle,
 Kurt, Aimee and Mom}

{Clockwise left to right Kake, Aaron, Brien, Kurt, and Stacey's head}

{The Maloney boys working hard, Brien, Kyle and Kurt}

{Looking everywhere for eggs 2000, left to right, Kyle, Stacey and Brien}

{Brien looking for eggs in the backyard}

{Brien, Kurt, Kyle and Aimee}

{Easter 99: starting with Kurt, head of table, going clockwise, Kurt, Stacey,
Brien. Kake. Aaron, Mom and Aimee}

{Easter 98: starting with head of table again, Kurt, Mom, Kake, Katie, Brien, Aimee, Stacey, Kyle and Aaron}

{Easter 98, left to right Kurt, Mom, Kake, Katie, Brien, Aimee, Stacey and Aaron}

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