Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 15: Birthday Picnic

Today would have been Brien's 24th Birthday. Days like today are always hard. But I wanted to celebrate Brien's life. So me and my sister Kake went and had a picnic with Brien at his gravesite. Of course Brien is upstair celebrating with the Big Man and his two best friends,Katie and Curtis and Grandma Aimee, Joe, Richard, Nana Tonto, Papa Jim, Grandpa Chambers and Uncle Danny. Who knows what kind of mischeif they are all getting into. But Kake and I had a good time remembering and laughing at all the good memories we had with Brien. We brough Carl's Jr because we all used to walk there when we were bored and grab a bite to eat or just play on the playground. I also made sure we had ranch because Brien put ranch on everything. I made Brien a card and Kake got flowers to put on the grave from my mom. And we had a picnic. After the picnic we went to Romona Jr High so I could get pictures of Brien's basketball court. All and all it was a good way to celebrate Brien's life. Although he is miss greatly I know he is in a better place. Happy Birthday Brien.

{Brien's headstone}

{Brien's headstone with flowers from mom}


{Kake and Brien}

{Myself and Brien}

{Brien and his birthday card}

{Happy birthday}

{Brien and his card and flowers}

{The inside of his card the left side says Brien}

{The right side says, Dear Brien, Happy 24th! Enjoy your party with the Big Man and your best friends! We will celebrate down here for you with some CJ's. Love Aimee and Kake}

{Lots of flowers, card and Brien with his Ranch}

{Kake enjoying the picnic}

{Me enjoying the picnic}

{Sisters with Brien}

{Brien's court at Romona reads Brien Maloney the heart of the game 2001}

{Center court}

{Brien's basketball number which is retired at Romona Jr High}

{The full court}

{I wrote Happy Bday Brien, in the sand at Romona}

Later today my best and I are going to continue the celebration of Brien's life by going to a movie. Brien you are very much miss here on earth.

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