Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 25: ICC{mosiac}

Today our church Mosiac Inland (formally Inland Community Church) said goodbye to a building that as been another home for my family and I for the last 18 years. The church is moving on to bigger and better things reaching more people in a new location. And while the building on shaffer ave is just that a building with drywall and paint and carpet it holds within its walls a million memories of Brien. Everywhere I look in the church brought a memory, even though the church has changed physically I remember it the way it was. It brought me to tears a few times. Some of my favorite memories of Brien and ICC are.
Firstly Church plays: Brien was a little actor. He pretty much always got big roles. His biggest role was a main character of bad boy Billy. in GT and the Halo express. Which even now is kind of funny being as how the other characers that Billy is supposed to bully are at least a head taller then him. Brien played bad boy Billy pretty well. Anyone who may have that play on tape I would love to watch it. Another play Brien had a supporting role in was a play for the life of me i cant remember the name of. It is base on the what if Jesus was born in the western days. Brien played a cowboy(sheppard) and boy was he funny. I believe that was the same play my dad played the same character in the adult version. I wish I could remember the name of the play. Melanye help? :)
Secondly AWANAs. Our whole family was invovled with AWANAs. It was a big deal in our family. Brien was no exception. He enjoyed it. He was a ham. You could hear Brien playing the games no matter where you were. to have  Brien on your team ment you prolly got the biggest team spirit award. Also AWANAs makes me think of family dinners at Bakers. We used to eat there every wednesday before AWANAs, Brien pretty much always got the burrito budget meal which meant the car ride to AWANAs was always a little stinky.
Thirdly the Power House: I have alot of fun memories of Brien and I in the youth program but my favorite would be Brien last New Years Eve all nighter. Katie and Curtis and pretty much the whole neighourhood was there. The youth put on an all nighter that night. It was the most fun I ever remember having on new years eve before or since. They had this huge blow up what we called king of the mountain. it was basically a huge circular blow up thing with a taller moving circular thing in the middle. we would wrestle and fight to be "king of the mountain". I think Katie was the overall winner. She stompped those boys and when we did boys against girls (meaning Katie and me verses all the boys, really fair right) we won. Katie was one tough chick. They also had these super trikes that we woulld race outside, Brien and Curtis and Matt were going around super fast and Curtis totally biff it. but in true Curtis form he got up like nothing happened. But Katie and I never laughed so hard. That night is a night I will always remember.

{Brien shaking the hand of a AWANA leader.}

{Brien on my dad and Jan's wedding day cast and all. They got married at ICC}

{Brien as a cowboy in the play I cant remember the name of. Brien is sitting on the barrel}

{Tim, Jonathon and Brien the three cowboys}

While its hard to say goodbye to a building holding so many great memories, i am glad that I got so many with Brien there. So thanks for holding the memories Shaffer Building. And I know that there is only going to be great things for Mosiac in the future.

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