Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 21: Music

I ment to post this yesterday but with a blinding headache and cold I just couldnt look at a computer long enough to post it.
I was watching the new show "Traffic Light" on hulu. In case you havent seen it, its based on the lives of three friends in there late 20's, early 30's. Whom have been friends since college or even earlier into childhood. I found the show cute and funny. It kept refering to a phatom friend named Ben. They kept talking about him and "Ben's thing" they are dreading to attend. They talked alot about Ben's favorite band chambawamba - you know that band that sing "you get knock down, but you get up again". Anyways without telling you the whole plot. I will just say  it really got me remembering songs I enjoyed with Brien. Two songs really stick in my mind the first one is "Baby got Back." as i remember clearing singing it with Brien, Katie and Curtis numerous times. The other song "I believe I can fly" was one of Briens favs. Hearing both of these songs get me everytime. I just want to go back to that moment with my brother. A time when life was simple and we were care free. I wish we could still have those moments. I know we will have them again one day.

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