Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 17: Shadows of light

I was going through an old book of mine back from 2001 and 2002. I used to write poems alot. I found this one in there dated 2/28/2002. Which would have been a little over a year since my brother, Brien, and friends Katie and Curtis were killed. So here is what 17 year old Aimee had to say.

Shadows of Light
By Aimee-Leigh

Lightly the breeze blows
on the darken street.
Shadows of light patch the ground.
That darken street
used to be filled with so much light.
Now the shadows over ride
the patches that are left,
all mingle together
scared to shine alone.
The trees cry for the missing light.
The corner ever so cold
How there used to be so much light
So bright was that light
that no darkness could overcome.
Now the darkness rides
and the saddness sings.
And lightly the breeze blows.

I remember writing that, sitting on the front porch. The neighbourhood never looked so cold. I remember thinking that that neighbourhood used to be filled with laughter and fun. Playing games, joking around, hanging out in cars. I still miss those days of duct ball, franklin, street hockey, homrun derby, texican, and goofing off. I wish someone would have taken lots of pictures of all that fun. 

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