Sunday, February 12, 2012


As you all probably know by now, Whitney Houston has died. If you did not know this then you must live under a rock with no radio, tv or Internet access. Honestly I was never a huge Whitney fan(Now before you get your panties in a bind, Whitney is an amazing singer. She will be missed the point is I never went out and bought a CD of hers) , however there is one song that of hers that I will forever link to my bro Brien.  That song is "I will always love you." While this song is a great vocal song when I hear it I automatically hear/see Brien lip singing it to Joseph for a talent show we had one year at Refugio. And my word was it the funniest thing I ever did see. Brien got into the song. Joseph was just as funny too.
Here for your viewing delight a picture of Brien signing the song....

Now while your looking at the picture listen to Whitney sing it while imaging Brien lip singing it with  all his little heart. Enjoy :)

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